The Kidnapping of Senator BloomMature

Senator Bloom is kidnapped by three men who have gone
on a political kidnapping spree but what is the purpose and
will Bloom survive?

Gary was driving out of the city with a very corrupt and very drugged senator tied up in the trunk of his car. 

This was not the first time that Gary had given an unconscious, corrupt politician a ride out of town. In fact, he’d given corrupt politicians a ride in the trunk of his car nine times over the course of the last two years. But never were his guests as famous or corrupt as Senator George Bloom.

The back-end of the car sagged horribly under Bloom’s 290 pounds as Gary turned off the highway onto a gravel road. The headlights cut through the night as Gary finally pulled up to a decrepit cabin overlooking a small lake. Gary backed the car up to the door and went inside to make sure that their “kill” room was good to go.

Five minutes later, another car pulled up and parked beside Gary’s car. Two large, well muscled men got out. Gary met them outside and they all went over to the trunk of his car.  “All right, let’s get this fat bastard inside,” said Gary. Nic smiled. Doc chuckled.

Nic and Doc helped to put Bloom in the trunk before heading to their own vehicle for the drive out to the cabin. Former marines, the two men quickly took care of Bloom’s security before putting him in the trunk. Bloom’s mistress, 3 stories above, had no idea what was going on. Neither did Bloom’s security guard who was on the ground unconscious.

Bloom now strained the back of the three men as they carried him into the cabin. Exhausted, they dropped him in a chair. 

“He is a fat bastard,” reiterated Nic.

Gary hurried over to turn on a couple of studio lights. Doc busied himself with a surgical tray while Nic grabbed a binder from the corner of the cabin.

Doc strapped Bloom’s thick, fleshy arms and legs to the chair and then swabbed the sweat off of Bloom’s arm. He took a syringe and injected the good Senator. The fluid started to coarse through Bloom’s veins just as he started to come to. The three men put on masks.

“What the...” was all the Bloom could mumble, his head rolling around as he tried to gain his bearings. Doc ripped open Bloom’s shirt and strapped sensors to his chest and then checked his blood pressure. Bloom’s weight and drinking habits made him quite the health risk.

“What...what are you doing?” asked Bloom. He blinked from the bright lights.

Doc stayed near the medical equipment monitoring Bloom. Gary jumped behind a tripod with a video camera mounted on it and turned it on. He ran a quick test of the microphones placed near the chair.

Nic came over and sat on a stool in front of Bloom but out of view of the camera. He took an electronic voice changer out of his shirt pocket and turned it on. He slapped Bloom a couple of times.

The Senator came to, confused but his face showed an inner anger ready to explode.

“What is your name?” asked Nic.

“Screw you!” answered Bloom.

“What is your name?” asked Nic again.

By now, the newly developed drug, which Doc’s company developed, was taking a hold of Bloom.

“What is your name?” asked Nic again, calmly.

“Bloom,” said Bloom. By now, he could not lie thanks to the drug.

“Full name,” said Nic, his voice sounding robotic.

“Senator George Bloom,” replied Senator George Bloom.

“What is your public stance on family values?” asked Nic.

“I...I advocate strong family values,” said Bloom.

“Who were you with when we picked you up this evening?” asked Nic.

“My mistress, Paulenne Perez”, said Bloom.

“How long have you been seeing her?”, asked Nic.

“About 3 years now,” said Bloom.“How long have you been married?”

“24 years now.”

“How many children do you have?”


“Have you had other mistresses or prostitutes?” asked Nic.

“Lots of both,” boasted Bloom.

“Of all the Senators that you know, how many would you guess have a mistress or pay for a prostitute?”, asked Nic.

“35%,” thought Bloom out loud.

“Is prostitution legal in the United States of America?”

“No,” said Bloom still wanting to lie but unable to. Being honest was so unlike him.

“So you and 35% of your colleagues knowingly break the criminal code and demean women by using them as prostitutes or mistresses?”

“Yes.” The frustration was mounting on Bloom. Lying was second nature to him and something he never had a problem doing. Now he couldn’t.

“Give me the names of those that you know for sure have mistresses or have used prostitutes?”

Bloom rolled off the list.

The camera continued to roll and Doc gave the thumbs up indicating that Bloom’s vitals were good.

“Have you taken illegal drugs?”


“Who else in public office have done so, that you know of for sure?”

Bloom recited the list. His brain clearing, he finally noticed the camera rolling behind the lights. Horrified, he kicked and pulled at the straps but with no effect.“Have you received cash or other monetary gifts that were meant to sway a vote or influence you during the performance of your job?”


“Who gave you the money and how much?”

Bloom took five minutes to answer that question.

“Do you know of other public officials who have done the same? If so, who and for how much?” Bloom furrowed his brow in concentration, not only trying to remember the details of bribes but still trying to lie. He listed off all the names and details that he could remember. The filter between his brain and mouth was gone.

The questions continued and so did the answers. The Iraq War, 9/11, alien life, 
misappropriation of funds, corrupt politicians, illegal black ops...the list went on and so did the answers. It was all better than they could have ever imagined.

Two tapes later, Nic stopped questioning Bloom. As Nic said “thank you, Senator Bloom” Doc stuck another syringe in Bloom’s arm putting him to sleep.

They quickly gathered all of their equipment and hauled it out to the trunk of the two cars. When they were done, they went back inside and stood around the body of the Senator. He was breathing heavy. Gary unstrapped his arms and legs. Nic took the cell phone out of his pocket. 

Doc put two bottles of water on the floor beside the Senator. They also left some sandwiches and fruit in a bag. The Senator was sure to be hungry after his ordeal. Besides, he had a long walk back to the city.

“Ciao,” said Gary as they walked to their vehicles.

The men were long gone as Bloom awoke. The bright light of the sun stung his eyes and his head hurt. He could not remember why he was in a cabin and he could not recall the details of the night. He had nights before where the details were blurry or forgotten but he had never ended up in a cabin before.

Unsteadily, he got up and searched the cabin for his phone - any phone. Since there were none, he grabbed the water and food and started walking. Somehow, he had to keep this from the press. He just wanted to get home and get some sleep.

In the comfort of his home, Gary downloaded and edited the videos. He placed them in a folder along with the videos from the other nine politicians. He picked up his phone and auto-dialed Doc. “Two years worth ready to go,” he said.“Do it,” said Doc.

Gary phoned Nic. “Two years worth of videos.”

“Go for it.”

Two years worth of video taping corrupt politicians was about to end. They knew that the tapes would not stand up in a court of law. No prosecutions would result from these tapes. Careers would be ruined; some marriages would probably end as well. But they could only hope that this would be the start of a change in their political system. Hopefully, the world would see a wonderful system corrupted. Hopefully, the citizenry of the US would look up from their iPhones and demand change. Whatever the results, the three men, like the rest of the world, would be glued to their TV sets this weekend.

Gary got in his car and drove downtown. He walked to a very public place with public wi-fi. There, he created a new email account and wrote an email explaining the videos. He addressed the email to the editors of newspapers, news programs, and political bloggers around the globe.

He then uploaded the videos to a free video hosting site. When the uploads were done being processed, he breathed a deep sigh of relief. Only one more thing to do, he thought. Switching back to the email, he raised his hand and emphatically clicked on Send.

The End

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