Chapter Two - A Mistake

Chapter Two

  It was slightly blustery when I got outside. I pulled out my ugly, yellow raincoat from my bag which was slowly begging to turn into a rain puddle by the oncoming mist.

  I made my way across the regulary loud street that was now silent and empty to the parking garage on the other side.

  I sighed as I entered the old, abandoned structure. I hated going through here, especially at night, but I would have to utterly endure it , it was the only way home.
  I reached the top floor, which was the only path that was clear of old cars and street signs. 

  My eyes were adjusted to the darkness at last, but they saw something that I would much rather decide not to.

  A figure, possibly a man from the way his shape was curved, stood a numerous number of feet away from me. He was silent, and he was keeping his posture steadily.

  I then made a quick decision to try another way home. I attempted to run, but was distracted by the mysterious figure me.
  A loud plate of sqealing tires came from the direction I was headed.

  A gray van crawled effortlessly around the corner, heading staight towards me. without sonsideration of the man that was behind me, I swerved quickly around only to find that the figure that stood there silently, trotted briskly away from his shadowed area.
  "Hey baby. How ya do'in?" He mouth called out coarsly.

  I ran.

  It all happened so fast after that, that I barley remebered what happened.

  The van that was driving aimlessy around me, sped up. The large, sliding door opened and another man appeared, hooded and carrying a shovel.
  "Yeah cutie!" He yelled obnoxiously. "You should stick around!" 
  The heavy metal hit my face with so much force that I actually saw stars. I managed not to get knocked out, but I did manage to stay on the pavement long enough to get brutally beaten up.

  My mind was holding itself back from thinking. I just endured the pain of several large, bulky men's feet and fists peircing me everytime I let out a breath.

  I felt nothing after awhile, so I opened my eys carefully not quite knowing what was awaiting me in the darkness. 

  I glanced around me for a couple of moments, frazzled. The final thing that happened yp me that night in the parking garage was asingle foot, charging at me with a repulsive amount of speed.

The End

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