Chapter One - The Mysterious Noise

Chapter One

  "Hey dad." I said as flug my old, worn-out bag to the other side of the diner counter. "Hey." was all my dad, Shawn could force out of his mouth as he held a mound of dishes on the other side of the kitchen. "Do ya need any help?" I asked, begging to pick up a couple of dishes myself and flinging them into the sink. "I could actually" He finally spoke normal, after he gently set the dishes by the back door. "Could ya get the blinds, please?"
  Before I could respond with a "yes." My feet were on their way to the large picture window at the front of the store. I managed to clutch the blind cord before they decided to do something unexpectedly stupid. With each inch of blind the folded up, a brighter pool of sunlight swirled in, glowing against the blue and white tiles of the floor. The "open" sign buzzed to life as I flicked on the switch.                                                                                                     
  Just as I turned around, I saw a glimpse of the oncoming crowd of hungry villagers. "Great." I mumbled to myself. "Another busy day"                                                                         


  The day was finally over. "Oh my Gosh. I hate today." I walked wearily into the kitchen with a budle of menus with "The Alp's Family Diner" plastered all over them. "Why?" Shawn asked, while he finished munching on the remains of his toast. "Busy, busy, and even more busy"
  "Christina. You have to learn that workin' will be busy. I'v been telling you that for years."
  "I know." I moaned. "But Im tired, and I just wanna go home and sleep."                                                                  

  "Well that's not gonna happen for anatha' ten minutes"
  "Because, your on cleanin' duty tonight sweatheart." He grinned, and walked over and slid on his oversized-leather jacket. "Ihave to walk home, don' I?"
  "Oh yeah. Besides, It will do ya some good." He moped out the door and less then ten seconds later I heard his motercycle rumble to life and zoom away.

  I gragged my way to the broom closet where, of course,  everything tumbled out onto the floor.

  After sweeping up all of the dirt and food and a conjuctating mouse, I finished the remains of the cleaning supplies by the closet.

  A man was sitting at the counter when I came back, drinking a cup of coffee. "Um, Hi sir. Im closin' up shop, your gonna have to git' goin'" He mumbled something I didn't quite get, and ran out out, nearly tripping over the coat rack at the door.

  I glanced around. Thinking about absoulutly nothing. I then decided to get home, it was begging to get dark, and I absoulutly hated the dark.

  A small sweater was all I had with me and I knew that it would be slightly colder than I would have expected it to be. Before I could even think about opening the front door and locking it for the night, a low rumble came from the floor. I looked around, wondering what it could possibly be.  

  I went over to the blinds that were wide open. "I thought I shut you?" I said to myself. But then I realized something paculiar. they was a track of frost making its way up the window. It's summer. And It's humid.

  I took a closer look, and shrieked. A white face appeared on the outside of the ice-touched glass. Jumping and screaming.
  I didn't care about the blinds, I just beat it out of they as fast as I possibly could.

The End

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