The kidnapping.Mature

okay so this was my first real big story i wrote. (:

Jessica Angell was a third grade detective who worked at the 15th precinct NYPD Crime Lab. Her partnering Detective was Donald Flack Jr. a tall young man with a witty sense of humour. They were out on a scene together when Jess heard a rustling noise coming from the dumpster behind. She sharply turned to face Don who was pre-occupied with the scene. "Don!" Jess shouted in a whisper. "Don!" she shouted again but he did not respond. Jess sighed, looked back at the dumpster and slowly reached for the gun in her holster as she hastily crept towards the dumpster. She reached the dumpster and whilst holding her gun in her right hand, flung the dumpster lid up. Immediately Jess was hit with the stench of a decomposing body and landfill waste surrounding it. "Don! Looks like our John Doe over there wasn't alone"

Don heard Jess and immediately walked over. "Looks like we've got our hands full with this case" Don said as he peered into the dumpster. "You think Don?" Jess questioned rhetorically as she held a tissue to her nose to mask the stench.

Just as they were talking, Stella and Mac turned up. Don watched as they got out of their SUV's and walked over. "Well…If it isn't Captain Taylor and the Greek Goddess." He chuckled. Jess shook her head smiling. "Being as Flack here is messing around; I'll fill you guys in." Angell suggested, smiling.

"Good idea Jess" Stella replied as she chuckled at Don.

"Ok, we have a John Doe laid in the pathway, looks like he put up a fight. Bruises all over him. A passer by saw him keeled over holding his right side. Possible stab wounds', but the wounds edges seem serrated." Jess explained to Stella. "We also seem to think our John Doe wasn't alone." Jess pointed to the decomposing body that was now being a meal for a rat. Jess looked back in the dumpster, spotting the rat, she frowned then laughed slightly, muttering to the rat "So you were the suspect of the rustling I heard"

Stella frowned slightly at Jess. "Jess what are you doing?"

"Sorry Stella, this rat was the reason I found this body in the first place." Jess laughed. Stella then set her kit down and reached for her gloves, putting them on. Jess watched Stella then also put a pair of gloves on as she looked in the dumpster and spotted a driver's license. Jess picked up the license "Think I've got his ID…Drivers license, one…Mark Jefferies."

"Do we know where Mr Jefferies works?" Stella asked as she looked at Jess. Jess shook her head. "Not as yet Stella…But I'll look him up when I get back to the lab."

Stella nodded and took photos of the body in the dumpster.

Meanwhile, Flack and Mac were examining the original body. Flack watched as Mac put on his gloves and got out his flashlight. "You seen anything yet Mac?" Flack asked as he looked around hoping that the scene would be a quick one to process so he could get back to the precinct and grab a coffee.

"Possible fibres off our killer please you detective?" Mac asked as he picked up a red fibre with his tweezers.

"It's a start" Don replied as he chuckled. Jess and Stella looked over at them both and laughed. "Get a move on you two…us girls have almost finished!" Jess shouted over to Mac and Don, who in turn looked at Jess and Stella in amazement. Jess and Stella looked at each other smiling as Sheldon Hawkes turned up.

Sheldon Hawkes was one of the Medical Examiners and CSI's for the crime lab. He had seen many things as in terms of death so this was ordinary for him. He walked over to Jess and Stella first. "Ladies…What do you have in terms of DB's for me?" Sheldon asked as he looked at Jess then Stella. "How about a decomposing body surrounded by trash Doc?" Jess replied with a smile.

"Sounds good to me Jess" Sheldon said with a smile as he put on some overalls and jumped into the dumpster beside the DB. He looked at the body and began to examine it. "Jess, pass me the liver probe a minute." Sheldon asked. Jess looked in Sheldon's kit and took out the probe, handing it to Hawkes. Hawkes took it from Jess and slowly inserted it into Mr Jefferies' liver. He then waited a few seconds whilst the probe collected a reading. Jess leant on the side of the dumpster with Stella as they watched Hawkes.

Whilst Hawkes was examining Stella and Jess' body, one of his colleagues looked over Mac and Don's body, and then got the coroner to take the body back to the lab morgue for Sid to examine in more detail. Mac stood up taking off his gloves and looked at Flack, "Detective Flack you'll be pleased to know that you can go back to the precinct."

"Ahh… I think I'll wait for the ladies to finish up Mac." Don said with a smile as he watched Jess talk to one of the coroners. Mac smiled at Don and shook his head slightly. Mac then headed back to his SUV with his kit and evidence. Don watched as Mac drove away, he then sauntered over to Jess, Stella and Hawkes, who were now attempting to lift the body out of the dumpster in one piece. "Careful everyone… this body is very fragile!" Sheldon shouted as they began to lift the body. Jess stood at the side making sure that everyone was doing their job right. Don smirked and snuck up behind Jess. "Being the watch over now, are we?" Don spoke in a soft, slender tone. Jess smirked as she heard Don's voice. "That I am Mr Flack" Jess replied as she smiled seductively.

As soon as the body was safely out of the dumpster, Jess turned and faced Don.

"Someone's feisty today" Don spoke with a mellow tone as he winked at Jess.

"Don, are you flirting with me?" Jess asked as she smiled seductively.

"Are you flirting with me, Miss Angell?" Don asked back as he smirked.

"I might be Mr Flack" Jess replied with a small smirk. "What are you up to after work?"

"No…thing" Don said drawn out as he thought hard.

"Urrgghh…how about my place, a bottle of wine… order a take-out?" Jess suggested with a smile.

"Sounds like a date" Don chuckled "I'll be there…say around eight?"

Jess nodded and smiled "See you then Detective Flack" Jess smirked and walked to her squad car. Don smiled to himself then walked off to his patrol car.

The End

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