The Tree

"Hey! D'ya mind?"

The girl looked up. What was that?

"I'm sorry?" she replied.

"D'ya mind." said the voice again. It was soundedlike an old man from Liverpool. "No one likes strangers sticking keys in 'ier locks now do the'?"

The tree was old and cracked. You could just make out a pair of eyes and a mouth. There was a large blob inbetween the eyes and mouth, so you assumed it was a nose.

"No, I suppose not..." She started. "At least I know where this key goes."

"What? Oh no, 'at key doesn't go 'ere. Well, it will, 'en it'l change. You got your hands on a Distortion Key! Woah, those things are rare! You keep hold of 'at. A lot of people will be after 'at key you know. It'll get you into anywhere if you know how."

"If I know how.." The girl murmered. "Thank you Mr. Tree!"

The girl started off.

"Eh! Wait up there! Eh! Cum back!" The girl stopped and faced the tree again. "It's only polite to call people by 'ier name. You called me Mister Tree. Tha' ain't my name. No, I'm Robert Tompson. And you are?"


"I'd tip me 'at if I 'ad one. Cheery-bye!"

"Good bye!" Lily replied. And set off.

The End

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