The Key To Heaven

As marie walked out of the store she noticed a man, a grey, dirty man. He looked homeless, but I could'nt tell for sure. But then he asked me for some change, I gave him 2 dollars. Boy was he happy! He deaply thanked me. I started to walk home when I noticed I had mail, It said 'for Marie'. But it did'nt have a From address. So I thought I'd open it. Inside was a key, a white key. This was no ordinary key. It glowed. It say'd heaven on it. There it was. I thought. What? "is this?" "it lookes like, a key. it says heaven on it. but, is it possible? If so, weres the door?" I thought aloud. So it must have to do with heaven. "hmmm". Wait a minute, theres a letter. So I went to my room and lied down on my bed. Then I read the letter in my head.

Dear Marie, I hope this letter is'nt wasting your time. This letter is followed by a key. Go to 'Berts Jofidow Museum' to find the door. You wont miss it. I can tell.


The from note was blank. Who could it been from? Bert? Well the only way to find out is to go there.


When I got there, I thought there was a mistake. I did'nt see any door other then the entrance door. So I got inside and when I was inside, I saw a door. One door was named 'heaver'. The other One was named 'hellcat'. So I went into the Heaver door. It was locked. So I used the key. It turned, and turned, and turned, until It unlocked. There we go. There it was. Heaven! I ran in and met God. He said "look at the letter." "wait a minute" I said. "Thats your signature." I said. "Yes it's my signature" said god. "Wow I Marie have Gods signature. But why?" I said. "Because, look through this window." Said God. "Wait thats my body, infront of the mall. Why are the police there? Dad im right here!" I said. "He cant hear you, your dead. Mitchelle Gregery, is the man who killed you." Said God. "I was murdered!" I yelled. "how?" I said. "He shot you. That man you gave money to. He was'nt happy, You gave him money then he shot you. You thought he was nice. He was really planning his next victim!" Said god. "Really" I said. "Yeah" Said God. "Here I'll give you a tour." Said God.

The End

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