the golden box

wiggling the key through the whole. i found myself making a loud raket. at first i thought i had opened the door until my uncle walks in starring at me as if he has seen a ghost. as fast as i could i jolted back through the doorpalcing the rope back around my neck.when i got back, i found jonathan awake holding a golden box that weemed to be locked."can i see that old key?"

"it wont fit, it goes in a door," i mummbled as i handed my little brother the key. i wathced him place the key in the whole and slowly turn it. as soon as i saw the lid pop up, i ran to see what was inside.

three train tickets to new york and a letter were sitthing next to a pile of gold coins.i read the note aloud:

Dear miriam,

i heard you were planning on leaving to newyork before that grinch takes your poor soul. ive been thinking and decided to let you come and stay with me and mort. plaease take this money and find your way safley. tell allison and jonathan i will be glad to finally meet them.

sincerly, marry

The End

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