Just trying to survive

when we got to the cottage i took a piece of bread i snuck from the house that i used to call home. i fed my brother, trying to ignore the volcanoo in my stomach rumbling. i felt as if i were going to starve, i deciede i could sstand it no longer and ate the other half of the bread wondering what we will eat tommorow." you musst go to bed jonathan you need your stength for tommorow." i wasnt quite sure if this was going to be easy to take care of jonathan and really neede time to think about where we were going to get food."okay," he sighed and lay down on the palete i hade ser up for him on the floor by the boxes we had stored seveeral years before. i began to think about going through them fot more blankets in the morning. "good night allison," he yawned and huddled in the towel i had given him to keep warm.

once i waas sure he was asleep, i headed to the house and hid behind the great oak tree aunt miriam had planted when we first moved in. i was about ro sneak in and find the doot that the rusty old key belonged to when i noticed uncle richatd talking to the sheriff.i watched closley as i saw the limp body of aunt miriam being lifted into the back of an ambulance. when uncle richard turned away toward the flashing lights, i slid past the open back door and straight to the kitchen. i saw the bag of groceries that i had gotten the day before and placed it into my bag.

i ran to a metal rimed door that i dhad seen so many times before. i was lead to believe was a storage room and placed the key in the whole taking a heavy sigh.

The End

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