the key to freedom(original)

okay so this is the original version that i wrote

"Richard don't she's just a child!"My uncles hand comes back from my faceand whips  Aunt Miriam's head knocking her into the wall. he comes back foe me but the door bell rings and jonathan comes out to answer it. uncle richard jolts toward the doot leaving a crack to peak his head out. i grab a dirty cloth hanging by the furnace and begin cleaning the glass that had been scattered on the floor. i looked back up to see jonahtan holding aunt miriams hand rocking back and forth. "whats wrong," i inquired as she took my hand and pulled it toward her.

"you need to leave," she spoke weak and quickly,"you must go." i tried to gather her words as tears poured out from my eyes. she held me close to her chest,"dont cry, it will be okay, go to the cottage and i will meet you there," her words came out soft yet sturdy, jonathan began to cry as i pullede away to look at her face. at first i didnt grasp why he was crying until i noticed the dark blood dripping from her head. i tried to stop the tears but they came out as if an incontrollable force has taken over me. the man at the door came in to see the problem and i could see the rage of my uncle as he shoved the man back outside.

Aunt miriam looked at me and spoke as quickly as she could. "go, take this and go find some food and dont return." i stared in disbelief as she took a long thin rope from her neck and handed it to me, what was it  for? before i could ask uncle richard grabbed my arm and threw me into the china cabinet. "stay away from her, "aunt miriam fumbled to get up and jonathan ran to my side. i looked down and noticed that the rope was gone,"where is it?" aunt miriambashed my uncle with a pan that had been sitting on the burner. he fell to the floor and she called to me. " i wont lleace you. i cant go," i began to stutter as my aunt placed a cold, rusted old key hanging from that thin rope in my hand. as i looked in ger pale fave i noticed my aunt wa dying. the desperate look on her face pained me, grabbing jonathan's hand i ran out the back dootr."where are we  going." jonathan whined, "dont look back, just keep walking, dont look back." i began to repeat myself as i heard the screams of my aunt pleading for my uncle to stop. trying not to look back, i covered my ears and kept running,

The End

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