Chapter 1- Faith

                 I wake up screaming. I sit up in my bead and wipe the sweat off my face. This is the third time this week that I've had this dream. It always starts the same. My mother and I are sitting at the kitchen table, when a young man comes in with a gun and shoots my mother in the head. He then drags me out into the street. This is where the dream changes. Sometimes an old woman comes up to me with blood dripping down her face into a pool at my feet. Then the young man shoots her, and she crumples like a rag doll. Other times, one of the young man's comrades comes and leans in as if to kiss me. When he pulls away, I look down at my stomach instictively and see a knife protruding from it. Then I wake up.

                      My mother sleeps straight through my screams. She used to wake up everytime it happened but I've had the dreams for over a month and she knows there is nothing she can do about it. I slip out of my bed and walk over to the kitchen. I quietly pull out a pot and some milk. Hot milk with honey always calms me down. When I pull a mug out of the cabinet, my hands are shaking. Even the slightest sound will make me drop it. That's exactly what happens when someone starts pounding on the door. I scream, jumping three feet into the air and dropping the mug, it shattering into millions of tiny pieces.

                     I take a deep breath and walk over to the door. I probably look like crap but I open the door anyways. Standing outside is the man from my dreams.

 "Hello," he says  " My name is Leo Conrad. I'm looking for Faith Hilam."

"Why?", I ask skeptically. His name sound familiar.

"Well. This is going to sound creepy, but I've been having dreams about you and my grandfather said it was a sign. A sign that something big is going to happen and that you and I are connected."

 A lightbulb goes on in my mind. Now I know where is name sounds familiar. His grandfather is head Elder. He is in charge of everything. He is set to pass in three day, the day after Leo turns twenty.

"What happens in the dreams?", I ask him. If I'm going to tell him about mine, I need to know exactly what happens in his.

"Well, I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my little brother and he starts mumbling. I still haven't figured out what he is saying. Then, I'm not in my kitchen anymore. I'm in the middle of a corn field. You're there, wearing a wedding dress. You look really confused, then you collapse. When I run over to check on you, I end up in a street that is total chaos. I can't tell the difference between one scream or another. Then, an old lady walks up to me with blood running down her face, coming from a gash on her forehead. She says something to me that I don't hear. Then I wake up."

"Well, Leo. We have much to talk about. Why don't you come inside. I'm making milk with honey. Would you like some?"

The End

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