The Key (Prolouge)

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          Who knew that such a little key could hold such a big secret.  Certainly not Leo. He had heard about the key, but never knew it was in his possesion. Nobody would expect Leo, a normal young man, to have the key that opened the Door. The Door to the future, the start of their new lives as independents. The door, that everyone passes through when they are twenty-one. Exactly a year after they get married. You don't stay on the flip side of the door.  After you get married, you are to see, the All-Knowing. They will tell you and your spouse, how many children you will have, where you will work, and how long you will live. You stay in the land of the All-Knowing for a month, or until they tell you to leave. Some families have stayed in the land of the All-Knowing for up to six years. Now, so the Society doesn't get overpopulated, you are only allowed two children. Then they grow up and start the cycle again.

                                                     *            *           *       

                 Leo is about to turn twenty, in two days, to be exact. His grandfather is set to Pass the day after. No one dies in the Society, they only Pass. This means they are being set to die on a certain day. The process is rather simple: They are injected with a sleep syrum, they just never wake up.  So, since Leo's grandfather is going to pass the day after he turns twenty, he will only see who Leo is going to marry. The marriage is set to four weeks after the male's twentieth birthday. His wife, who will be ninteen, is pulled from a pool of people, after a thorough survey is taken.

                                                     *               *              *

                Faith is ninteen and a half. She knows she is set to marry someone. The Elders told her.  She is very nervous, because what if she gets one of those men, who spoils their wives, and never lets them do anything for themselves? Her grandmother tells her not to worry, she's always had Lady Luck on her side. Or maybe it's the locket her father gave her before he died. She doesn't like to think about his death, who would? Having a father who drowned because he got drunk, and went swimming in a lake? Of course, the press would never speak of his stupidity because "No one makes mistakes. They just have accidents" as said by the Elders. "Accident", that's exactly what they called her father's death. That's what they call everything unfortunate that happens, "accident". She is beginning to hate that word.

                                             *            *          *

               Faith and Leo, two very different people who's paths are about to collide. One great adventure. Two different love stories, and a whole lot of action. Who knows what could happen.


The End

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