The Cave

                              When he was almost done gathering the food he decided to stay up for a minute to see his surroundings . Since the island was small he was able to see every tree that covered the island for almost a mile. Before climbing down due to boredom something caught this eye. There was a cave in the middle of the island.

                            It was the only cave on the island and looked dark and spooky. But Mark knew what he had to do. After he climbed down the tree Mark collected coconuts for his journey. Then he set off into the jungle like island.

                             Trees and colorful flowers made the jungle like a painting. So beautiful and bright. Walking through the jungle Mark began to scratch his head. When he woke up on this island he never thought that this jungle would be so beautiful and magnificent. in fact Mark was so distracted by the beauty of the jungle island that he was oblivious to the fact that he just stepped into quick sand.

                      Sinking deeper into the quicksand Mark began to freak out. Here he was on a island with no person to help him. With a quick prayer to the Lord he tried to figure out how to get out of this mess.

The End

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