The Dream

                         " Mark J , I like that name very much, since I don't know my own name I shall call myself Mark," said Mark satisfied with the name that he picked out. Crawling back into his tent he fell asleep very quickly with a new name to call him by.

                       It was very dark and only the sound of the waves crashing against the shore could be heard . In front of Mark was an old man that was about eighty years old. " Mark you must find the treasure chest and all will be revealed. A cave shall lead you to it. Once you find the chest your memories and a way to leave will be shown to you." The strange man then disappeared into the shadows.

                         Mark opened his eyes and was blinded by the sunlight glittering through the roof of his shelter. After getting up Mark stretched and decided to get breakfast to calm his nerves. Climbing the tree he thought about his dream and shook his head in confusion. Who was that man and how would a treasure chest give him back his memories.

The End

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