The Key

A man with amnesia wakes up on a island to discover a key that can help him get off the island and discover who he is.

                     The man wakes up with a jolt to discover unfamiliar senses around him. Hot sand boiled the uncovered hands and neck as the salty taste and smell of an ocean reached his nose . Waves crashed against the beach and the sun glared at the man from above.

                       Getting up onto his feet very slowly the man tried to remember what happened that got him onto this mysterious island that didn't seem to be any bigger than a neighborhood. Without success the man began to realize that he not only knew why or how he was here but he didn't know who he was. Even his name seemed to be lost as he stood their on the island trying to figure out what was happening.

                           As the man began to relax he saw the sun begging to set and decided to gather some firewood for the upcoming night. Once he was done he was glad to be able to make a fire."Maybe the smoke in the fire will be seen by a plane or helicopter," he said out loud crawling into his previously made shelter.

                Drifting off to sleep he thought about what to do the next day. From his observations he determined that he was all alone and nobody was around him for miles. What is he going to do? Everything around this island is water as far as he can see.

           When he was just about to fall asleep a shiny object in the sand caught his eye. Shaking the drowsiness away he crawled out of his shelter and picked it up. In his hand was a golden key . On the key there was an engraving that seemed to be smudged by the sand and rust. After getting the dirt out of the way he read it out loud.


The End

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