Only a Bad Dream

“Mariah!” She put the phone to her ear and called out to her. She soon discovered that Mariah’s voice wasn’t coming from the phone, but from a distance, like the ones she’s been hearing. “Mariah, where are you?” she called in the wind.

            “Someone help me!” Not Mariah.

            “Who’s there?” Nia asked. She knew she had heard Mariah.

            She got up and began to run again, listening into her phone for a final time before taking off in a sprint back to her house.

            Climbing quickly back into her room, she shut the window and rushed to her parents’ room.

            “Mom! Mom!” she shouted, shaking her.

            Nia’s father grunted as he rolled over, pulling the sheets over his face. Her mother sleepily rubbed her eyes.

            “What, Nia? What’s wrong?”

            She didn’t find it necessary to mention Mariah’s disappearance. It would only upset her mother and send her into a panic. But there was something she did want to know.

            “Shhh…listen.” Nia put a finger to her mouth and listened to the screaming.

            “Please! Help me! Please…”

            “Listen to what, Nia?”

            “Shhh…don’t you hear that?” asked Nia.

            “Hear what, Nia?”


            Nia heard the voices, the screaming, the incessant praying, but her mother just continued to look puzzled and exhausted.

            “I don’t hear anything, Nia.” Her mother looked thoroughly annoyed with her.

            “They want help! They want me to get them out! How many are there? Where are they? They just keep screaming and screaming!”

            “I think you had a nightmare, Nia. Please…go back to sleep and don’t forget to lock your door behind you.”

            “Mom, I swear. Don’t you hear it?”

            “Hear what?”

            “The voices. The voices!”

            “What voices?”

            Nia stared at her mom a second. Thinking the better of continuing she said, “Nothing, Mom. Never mind. You’re right. I had…a nightmare. I’m going back to bed.”

            “Lock your door,” her mother called behind her.

            Nia nodded as she walked away. She shut her bedroom door behind her, locking it. She put a hand to her racing chest.

            What’s happening? Is this what happens before you’re taken? But Mariah never mentioned any voices. Maybe she didn’t want to scare me. Oh, it’s my turn now.

            Suddenly, the voices were ever so powerful that it made it difficult for her to breathe. She didn’t understand why the voices were so focused on her. Why couldn’t anyone hear them? She never heard this rumor from anyone. It was never spoken about in the news. Why could she hear the voices?

            “Save me!”


            “The Keeper of the Voices must save us!”

            Nia furrowed her brow in confusion. Who’s the Keeper of the Voices?That can’t be me. It just can’t be. Why would I be the Keeper of the Voices? Why? They didn’t teach us about this in history. Nia fell to the floor, her back resting on her closed door.

            “Save us, please!”

            “How could it be me?” Nia asked aloud.

            “Save me!”

            Get a hold of yourself, Nia. They aren’t going to answer you. They’ve been taken and now you’re just hearing things. Just stay on your guard, because you’re probably going to be next.

The End

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