The KBC: Contact (CH.3)

Chapter 3

Field Trip

A blizzard raged on but when Metatron spoke, it was deafening. “Halt! You are trespassing on lands protected by Angels! You must come with us. We deem you a threat to humanity and therefore must be contained. Nothing can interfere with the society brewing on this planet, and I will allow you to go no further! Now who leads this crew and is this everyone you came with?”

Angels with weapons raised surrounded the KBC squad and Vice-Admiral Wolf cowered behind his teammates. The entire squad grimly awaited battle, but Lt. Hatchet stood in awe looking over the winged army. They were anatomically the same as Hatchet and he couldn't wrap his head around this. His mind had blocked out any retention of where he came from, but now memories flashed by him reminding him of when he saw his own home-world destroyed, along with every other one of his species. These couldn't be from the same world he is from, but he was struck with relief to be surrounded by his own kind nonetheless. Although, these stern angels did not greet him with open arms, and instead they looked at him with pure disdain. 

Wolf finally mustered the courage to speak up after several nudges from Belmont and stepped up in front of Metatron. The vice-admiral looked up at the behemoth and his voice quivered ever so slightly.

“I am in charge here. My name is Vice-Admiral Wolf and we mean no harm. We do not wish to interpose ourselves, and merely seek an item of immense value. Once this artifact is retrieved, we will leave you folks alone. We came alone and this is my squad, the KBC. We are a collection of highly-trained soldiers and are held in the highest possible regards for our works in scientific discovery and utilization. Just allow us to take a look around and we will not retaliate.”

Metatron grew impatient and cut off Wolf. “Enough! You will do no such thing and you will be contained! Now, you can either come with us or die silently here in the snow. Its all the same to me, but you should note that we are an immortal race bound to protect these lands and we will stop at nothing to destroy interlopers! Now take them away! You will be bound within Tartarus University until we find a suitable reason to let you live. Until then, you are on borrowed time and don't you forget it!”

The crew were then grabbed under the arms and flown away into the snowstorm. Captain Fish was just barely able to contact the ship telepathically as they flew away. He spoke to the low-class soldiers guarding the body of their weakened Fleet Admiral.

“Protect Admiral Martin! Turn on the cloaking device as soon as you get it working again and sit tight. For now, I want Lieutenant Hidalgo awakened from stasis and weapons ready! The Fleet Admiral must survive, whatever the cost!”

Captain Fish was now out of range of the ship and pondered what may come. He knew the mission would somehow succeed, but not at what cost. Every man operating for the KBC was forbid from knowing the past in detail. It was a time parallax that the General would not allow to happen, even if he himself did not know the exact outcome of what would happen to a man. It was said that if a man were to know what was to happen to himself in the time he was sent to, that he would go insane beyond repair and would be as good as dead. Worse yet, they instantly killed any man who knew the exact time he would die, for a man like that could never be trusted. They knew that time travel was a dangerous thing, and took every measure possible to ensure the safety of the universe, and even Fish could not know for sure if this was just a ploy to scare the K.B. Squads or based on scientifically-proven fact. However he erred on the side of caution and dared never to read the minds of civilians for the fear of losing his last bastion of survival; his mind. Still, he very much wished now that he knew the outcome of this, and whether he would live or die.

They were flown to the top of a mountain, where huge double doors stood covered in snow. They were built into the peak of the mountain and seemed to blend in with the rocks around. Wolf, though feeling very sick from flying over several oceans at a dizzying height, began pulling out various gadgets as soon as his feet were on the ground. He tried contacting the ship and sent a message, and then checked the telemetry on this planet. He also checked for the whereabouts of the artifact and found it was directly behind this door. He felt a tinge of relief since these “protectors” seemed to have brought him right to his mission objective.

Metatron wordlessly opened the door with a wave of his hand and the entire squad stood their mouths agape. They saw a rolling landscape behind the door, with large cathedral-like buildings in the distance. Belmont was the first to speak as they were pushed past the snowy doors and out to the rolling green hills.

“Wow! This is quite amazing! This door is a distortion in relative time and space that has transported us to another universe! This must be where these unknown “Angels” are from! This is quite the amazing technology for a spear-wielding race of bigots to harness!”

“Silence, whelp!”

They walked up and down grassy knolls until they finally reached the ornate door of the cathedral. They had walked past a small village nearby bustling with angels and Wolf, using the translator implanted behind the left temporal lobe of every KBC squad member's brain, was just able to read a few of the signs hanging around town. Apparently, there was a library and pub, amidst other various buildings. 

A sign hung over the gates into town that said,
“Welcome to New Vatican, an exact replica of how our beloved human race lives! We have books, games, and even beer originally created on Earth! Live life like a human, in sunny New Vatican!”

They walked right past the town and towards the enormous walled-in cathedral. The gates were inscribed with the words, “Tartarus University,” and once they were inside, only Metatron remained at their side guarding them. He looked down at the squad and spoke grimly.

“Now, inside these walls is the safest place for people who seek to affect the human race. I'm sure you can tell, we highly revere those simple humans on Earth and want nothing more than to see them prosper. If you actually are from the future, then the simple fact that one of you is human leads me to believe that this school is a success. I take my job as headmaster very seriously and if I find out that any one of you, including the human, causes trouble here, than I will have you killed or worse, banished to Tartarus. For now, take your permanent residency here as a gift from me, because your only other option otherwise is to be sent to a nightmarish land deep underground where your darkest fears will be used against you, as you work for us for all eternity. Tartarus will break you and no one should be subjected to that kind of torture, but I will not think twice of sending you there. We Angels like to see ourselves as compassionate, but here, I rule with a closed fist. Don't test me.”

The End

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