Their plan worked perfectly.

The brilliance of the plan was that the mainstream world didn't even realize it was under attack because the digital terrorists -- who were a global conglomerate themselves -- distracted society with a series of physical attacks in addition to some cloak & dagger viruses.  It took nearly two years of distraction before the real virus was inserted into the mainframe, and while the governments of the world, little more than political corporations by that point anyway, postured about the War On Cyber Terror and their unremitting vigil to protect the citizens from identity theft, the real terror was slipped into the Intranetwork with none of its deserved fanfare.  It was nicknamed the "Bourgeoisnoclast" by its creator, an unidentified codewriter from the Insurance Industry with the pseudonym Clive Timkins who strove to lift the Working Class to higher socio-economic level.  Sadly, the true name of the man responsible for the End Of The Modern World would forever elude the pages of the history books.

Two men walked past thirty bank cameras one cold October day to an unused automated teller machine sitting adjacent to the Loan Office.  They were dressed as those from the Professional Class so as not to attract unwanted attention, and their disguises were evidently so good that the security guards never batted an eyelash when they walked past.  Ironically, the Bourgeoisnoclast Virus, the bringer of the end to the digital world, was administered into the System quite organically, encoded in two parts in the terrorists' very palm prints.  The first man looked to be conducting a routine ATM transaction, just like hundreds of other people might during the course of the day.  As he scanned his palm print, a security measure in which everyone with a bank account partook without a second thought, the first half of the virus scanned and entered into the machine.  The second man, upon his palm scan, introduced the activation code with his altered print, the swirls and whorls of his fingers now acting as a firing pin which would bring about the downfall of civilization.

And then the two men left without ado, one of them even smiling and nodding to the security guy at the door, who smiled back.

"Have a nice day."

It took the Bourgeoisnoclast many weeks to delve deeply enough into the System for it to cause notice.  At first, many of the Anti Techno Establishment League (or ATEL) thought it a dud, and there was much intersquabbling about how next to proceed: should they continue to support the virus which was quite possibly the biggest flop in history, or should they move on to a theory subscribing to the addition of undetectable nanotechnology to the water supply of major cities which would counteract the enhancements of the cybernetically superior DNA and return people back to their original human form?

And then, the first whisperings of a disturbance began circling through the Intraweb.  At first, banking errors were the main topic, people getting severely undercut, or paid not at all, or in some cases, families' life savings were gone in an instant, with no discernible trail to follow to the culprit.

And then businesses began making false claims through their automated ordering software, and the entire retail environment became a jumble.  After that were the hospitals, which was an unforeseen casualty of ATEL's new world order.  Life support systems and automated monitoring devices were crippled, and the average lifespan, which had steadily been on the rise since the Cybernetic Revolution's inception, suddenly plummeted as the death tolls skyrocketed.

The leaders of the worldwide governments were unable to shield anyone from the devastation caused by the Bourgeoisnoclast Virus, least of themselves, and soon the National Grid was compromised, which was the last straw.

The population was thrust into a dark new world.

The End

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