The Junkworld

On planet earth, and in approximately 2115, fifty or so years had passed since the start of the Cybernetic Revolution.  During the revolution, every strand of human DNA was tampered with, to make people superior.  With the exception of children, there were no humans left without cybernetic upgrades as well.  The world itself became one gigantic bustling metropolis.  All food was created artificially.  It would have been the perfect world for humans and computers.

Unfortunately, in 2115, things went bad.  Radical technophobes developed and built a small stash of electromagnetic weaponry capable of temporarily disrupting virtually any computerized system on the planet.  This even affected those with cybernetic implants in their brains.  Using this technology, and a carefully designed computer virus, these technophobes took advantage of the world's complete interconnectedness.  In a well coordinated attack on all of the planet's central mainframes, this group put its plan into action.

The End

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