Chapter 06

The moon glares down upon me as I stare up, looking deep within it. I sigh, at least the moon doesn’t have any family trouble; at least the moon can do whatever it wants. I stroll over to the door, listening to my father talk among fellow workers. He says that no matter the cause I’m not allowed to go out of my room. I groan, slumping against the door, hitting the ground. This is not fair at all, I should be able to do whatever I want when I want to, yet I cannot due to the fact that I will always get into trouble without even realising it. Half the time it’s my fault I’ll admit, but the other half is when I have no clue! Why must my father be so stupid for?


I felt someone knocking at the door but I didn’t budge, I just sat there staring at the ground. I don’t want to see anyone now, not even my mother. I swear, if they are trying to make my mind change I will scream. I don’t have any objections about being a warrior pixie at all, what’s so bad about it anyway? I don’t get this world. If I were in the human world, I think I would fit in fine. Although, that is against the law, and the humans scare me. I know that father’s advisor has connections with the humans and she scares me because of this. I look at the moon again, and a thought hits me.


I will rescue Redia myself!


Human, this is a serious crisis, so don’t fool around. Will you stop looking at the moon and pay attention to this situation we have at hand now? I thought you humans are the ones that pay attention to every detail, but I guess I’m wrong. You know what we are doing, right? If not, then I’ll explain it one more time. We, myself, the king and some warriors, are having a meeting right now and you are not to be seen. Look, I know that I let you see me, but they won’t. Just stay here behind this curtain, and don’t move.


I hear my father talking to his advisor, her voice almost a whisper but I can understand her perfectly. She was never his advisor until we found her unconscious at our doorstep and from then Zinc has been his advisor. She has this tendency to talk to herself at times which honestly scares me, but not as much as she scares me when she talks about humans. When we took her in, which was when I was around 800 years old, she told me about the humans and their ways of life. She said that they’re not entirely different from us, but I don’t believe her. It because of them we are always under threat when they don’t take care of the garden. It’s their fault for the unnatural things that happen throughout Tinsel, throughout the entire Frey kingdom to be more to the point. I don’t understand that Elf, she’s too weird.


A knock on my door startled me making me jump. I open it to see Minx, standing there with what appeared to be a new change of clothes. She sighs, “I thought you might like to get into something to more of your standards.”

I motion her to come in and shut the door, as I chuckle, “You manage to think of everything.”

She nods as I get changed into the clothes, “Yes, I don’t understand why the Frey don’t get you…Well, other than Hugo, Mistress.”

I nod, “Yes, he should be coming now actually.”

“Whatever for, Mistress?” She tilts her head to one side, “Wasn’t he called for you father?”

“Nah, I asked for him to give me food, so he should be here soon…” A knock on my door got my attention, “That would be Hugo.”

Minx opened the door, and Hugo huffs, “I am not allowed to into the kitchen, Neon. But I did manage to get what you requested.”

I nod, “Great.” I grab my sword from him and strapped it around my waist. I got a two very confused eyes staring at me, and I chuckle, strapping the second sword across my back, “I’m rescuing Redia back myself.”

“WHAT?!” Minx gasps, “Mistress, you can’t!”

“And why not, pre tell? I am the princess of the Southern Kingdom; I should be able to do whatever I like! So not you, nor anyone else is going to stop me!” Hugo just stares at me, “What?”

“Well, how exactly are you going to do this without any help?”

“Who’d said that you two aren’t coming with me?” Their eyes widened, “Didn’t you guys know? I don’t trust anyone else to come with me anyway.”

He gasps, “But Neon, I can’t get into trouble again, we can’t get into trouble again!”

I sigh, looking at them both, “Look, I need you guys to come. It’s the only way I can actually travel anywhere without being watched over!”

“But, we’re watching over you…To be honest, Mistress, that doesn’t even make any sense…”

I groan, strolling over to the wall, “As a royal, you are entitled to follow me…” I feel about the wall, before finding a button that opens the wall. The door opens, revealing a small hole that was dug when I was 600 years old. I heard gasps again, and  laugh, crouching down, “Come along then!” They followed.


The hole is really small; I can’t even believe that I dug it. Yet again, this was when I was 600 years old and I wanted to see the stars with my sister, so I dug a hole that leads to the stables. The walls are far apart though, which makes it easier to move through considering that I have a sword on my back and one attached to my waist by my belt. I hear them both gasp yet again as we enter the stables. I run over to a bull ant, telling it that this journey is going to be a long one.


We all hop on the cart, but before we go, I hear Mix sigh, “Mistress, I am going with you. However, there is something that I must say before we go.”

I glance over, sighing, “What?”

“If I die, it’s your fault.”

I shrug, “Fine by me.”


The journey starts here.


Something’s strange. Human, come with me, I believe its Neon. Why are you holding me back for? I want to go and see if she’s okay, even though she doesn’t request to see me ever. The butler opens the door, come along human. What?! Human, Neon is missing! Wait, you knew?! Human, all I can say is that we’re in so much trouble.



The End

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