Chapter 02

I want to get my head around the events that went on this afternoon, but I cannot due to the dresses that are thrown at my face. From blue to green, the silk fabric seems to be shoved at my face. This is getting out of hand, everything seems to be getting out of hand ever since the wasps came. Everyone is in panic, but at the same time calm. I don’t get it though, the people should be concerned at least, and yet they’re not. I don’t get it.


The wasps that came past earlier don’t look as if they come from this part of Frey, they look either Eastern or Western wasps, but that doesn’t make any sense. The Frey from the East have traditions they keep up with, while the West do something’s that I’ll never know. Father says that I should never go to the West, but I wonder why. My uncle, my father’s twin brother, rules that place, so I don’t understand why. Although, he doesn’t scare me at times, so I don’t know.


My Lady In Waiting taps me on the shoulder, smiling, “Mistress, we need to know what dress you’ll like to wear.”

“Oh, right…” I sigh, “I wasn’t paying attention, sorry.”

“Miss, which colour, green or blue?” The shop keeper’s accent sounded as if she was from the North.

“I don’t know…Blue maybe…”

She nodded, “Oui, great choice! We’re running out of green anyway!” She ruffled a dress from the counter, obviously getting rid of all the wrinkles.


“Mistress, are you alright? You seem distracted over something…” My Lady In Waiting seems to know when things are wrong with me.

I groan, “It’s just that, why do I have to go to the ball for? Why can’t I be a commoner?”

She gasped, “But Mistress, that’s uncanny! Why would you want to be a commoner?”

I shrug, “Being royal is too tedious, nothing ever comes out of it anyway!” Getting two pairs of eyes at me that were full of utter confusion, I sigh, “Look, to you guys it may seem all glamorous, but all that comes out of it is nothing but dances and royal greets and meets!”

“Excuse me of intruding this discussion, Miss…” The shop keeper held up a hand, “But why a commoner? We don’t get that much thing either!”

“I don’t know…I’ve always wanted to be a warrior though, but I’m stuck being a princess…”

“A warrior?” She laughed, “You cannot be a warrior! That is a man’s job!”


I sigh, getting fitted in my dress. Why is it a boy’s job anyway?


You humans aren’t aware of the rules in Tinsel, are you? Well, to begin with, male and female Frey has different jobs that they must follow. If you look outside the window, you might understand what I mean. A female Elf is in the bakery, baking her days away, while a male Elf is patrolling the town, inspecting every corner for an intruder. You see, a woman cannot do a man’s job otherwise they are banished from the town. It may seem harsh, but one of the laws is that each Frey must know its place.


I must flee before Neon catches me.


Why can they not see that I want to be something other than a princess? All day I have been hearing that I should just stay being princess. But why though? I don’t even want to go to the ball, seeing my sister smirk at me as she gets crowned queen. I hate today, I hate every other day. I want to be a warrior, fighting off wasps and insects from Tinsel.


Hugo was at the door as we walked back to the castle, sighing, “Mistress, your mother said to meet her in the ball room, she wishes to discuss something with you.”

I groan, walking in the direction of the throne room, “Thanks…”


What did mother want?

The End

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