You humans don't know magic until you've met the Frey, the fairy people.

You humans don’t know the true meaning of magic and fantasy until you’ve been to the town of Tinsel, the Southern Kingdom of the Frey, the fairy people. It’s not where you think it may be; we don’t live in your imaginations; we’re actually real creatures that protect your gardens and the nature around you. The reason why your gardens are like they are now is because of the Frey and our peoples duties. Across your minds at this moment is the question of where this town is and what’s so good about it, am I right?


Let me start by telling you about this town. Tinsel is a place in the Southern parts of London, located in a park somewhere. In this town, the Frey are all laughing and dancing as the music play throughout the streets, the festival is on. You humans may not be familiar with our festivities, but at the beginning of spring when the moon is full we have a festival to celebrate the new season. The King and Queen of this town hold a grand ball once a year to celebrate our new year. Our year actually starts in the spring, so this season is very important to us Frey.


Let me take you down to this town of Tinsel, to this place where you may meet the Frey that are here.


The path to Tinsel starts off in a local park. It may not look special in your eyes, but to us Frey it is different. The lake is where all the magic from the Water Elementals dancing around the lake. You may notice there is Undines; they dance in circles in tune of the music that is playing. The Kelpies seem to be glancing towards you, looking at you as if you’re an intruder. Don’t be alarmed though, they always do this towards new folk that travel though the lake regions. They seem to lighten up, and make you dance with them. However, we cannot I’m afraid as we still have to travel though the forest regions.


You may notice there is a path between trees; we shall walk on this path. It will take us to Tinsel. Earth Elementals are being rather quiet today, which is odd because they were making a big commotion this morning. The trees seem to be smiling at you human, but I have to wonder if they are planning something to get you humans back for all the tree loss. Behind the trunks of these trees are Dryads, giggling as you walk past them. Beautiful creature, are they not? They are known for being the most eye popping fairies in this land. If you look up, you may see the Sprites flying around, gazing at you. They like to do this towards new comers, but they mean no harm towards you. They are now pulling at your hair, but I need you to brush them away as we are here.


Now we arrive at a gate. It isn’t that special of a gate, wooden and boring in my eyes, but in yours may be different. Apparently to you humans, markings of our kind are a rare opportunity, but you may find that in this town there are lots of these markings. I’m opening the gates now, and already loud cheers for the festival are screaming in my ears. You may want to run off, but I want to show you around.


On your right, the Gnomes are building a new house for me. They wave towards us, you must wave back otherwise they get awfully offended. On your left, the Flower Fairies are helping the Frey woman to get ready for the ball. Different creatures are all around, but one has caught my eyes.


In the towns centre, there is a Pixie. She is the princess of Tinsel, but she doesn’t portray it. She’s a warrior, fights off evil across the magical lands that we live in. This is where I leave you in the hands of this Pixie, so I hope this journey may inspire you.


Hey, it’s nice to meet you. The names Neon and this here is my story, the story about the journey to Nevercross, and I hope you will be willing to take the adventure as it comes.






The End

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