Our pseudovillian, Zelzel5

'Curses,' the word hung in the air just as Zelzel5, zel for short, intended it to.  She was pissed, capital P pissed. Her last meta, an ex-hacker who was rapidly developing a taste for torture under her dominance, was reporting complete failure to lure her nemesis into the trap he had designed, probably due to the infuriating guidance of said nemesis' lover. 'Drat,' seemed so blah, but what else could she say?


The only one of her kind left, 'droids as advanced as zel were usually found advising world leaders and other dignitaries. She would have made an excellent cabinet member, she had thought countless times, if it were not for the efforts of Evrey, the previously mentioned nemesis. Now, she was not much more than a mistress of domination, who insisted on groveling submission.  Revenge was the only game she had any interest left in playing, and she planned on winning...


The End

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