Middas, 27th of Last Seed, 4E 201 (II)Mature

“The rest of the day was spent at the ‘Dead Man’s Drink,’ where I found most of the town’s folk, mostly due to the renewed presence of rescued Valdr. I had the good fortune of meeting him; he may not be the most capable hunter, but he is a brave fellow, the sort of man one wants to keep at his side. Dengeir too was in the tavern, nagging Narri as he usually does. He was pleased with the accomplishment, but even his old heart of stone could not hide the pain of issuing such a sad end to a disgraced family member. In any case, I am two hundred septims richer, and the honor of Dengeir’s family is no longer in jeopardy.”

“Although it was a soothing and pleasant afternoon spent under Narri’s tender care, I noticed at some point Valga was staring at me, and with an unnerving countenance too! She looked resented and apprehensive, her nostrils flared and her lips tightly pressed against each other. It seemed as if she was angered with all the attention Narri gave me, to the point she finally called her to an empty room when she believed me to be distracted. It was not until the two had left the room, and I had seen Narri staring at me with an expression of pure horror, that I perceived what had transpired. With a long sigh, I left the inn. I looked at the streets of Falkreath, desert and somber in the twilight, before beginning the long and lonesome walk to Pinewatch.”

“The moon already shone bright in the night sky when I reached the cottage on the hill, but I still had supper down in the basement. If my suspicions are true – and I pray they are not – then the Imperials know of my presence in Falkreath, and are scouring the hold for my head as I write these words. I laid traps inside the cottage, but the traps can only break so many legs…”

The End

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