Middas, 27th of Last Seed, 4E 201Mature

“Today was all about rest - a deep contrast to the last few days – as well as healing the wounds and lacerations caused by my most recent confrontations with criminals and undead. I applied a herb balm on the deep cuts in my stomach (courtesy of those savage vampires) and covered them with some linen wraps I found in Bloodlet Throne. After a brunch long yearned for, I strapped my knapsack on and calmly made my return to Falkreath, with a stop at Pinewatch to leave my loot safe in an underground closet.”

“It was a little past noon when I passed through the northeast gate. There a town’s guard greeted me warmly – an unusual way of Nord guards interacting with my kind. ‘Thought I’d never see you again, elf,’ he said. ‘Thought the same about Valdr too, yet he had been missing for a whole week now…’ The guard went on to tell me Valdr was rescued by one of the Companions, and the latter had purged Moss Mother Cavern of its demons and beasts, all by himself. Given my recent experiences, my first reaction was to chuckle – something that truly upset the guard – before I explained her how I had slain an entire den of vampires located to the south of Helgen. Clearly such explanation only made the situation worse, as he responded by threatening to lock me up for my impertinence! ‘How dare you make a mockery of the Companions’ deeds, elf?’ He then cursed my kind and boasted of some old Nord hero named ‘Isgrahmor,’ or something similar to that.  I still tried to apologize for my conduct, but it was useless at this point...”

The End

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