Tirdas, 26th of Last Seed, 4E 201 (II)Mature

“A little ways up stood a tiny brigand camp, close to the cobblestone road. The scum remained hidden among the rocks beside the camp, until someone drew their attention and they all charged. Surprisingly, it was not I who alerted the brigands, but the Nord archer I had seen earlier. Akatosh has his ways of turning predators into prey! I found myself killing those villains with the bow from the Redguard killed by the Nord, who was now being cut to pieces by the bandits I would eventually strike down with said bow. Now that is a tale worthy of being sung in the taverns and inns – not that nonsense about ‘Ragnar the Red’…”

“From then on, the march to Helgen was smooth and solitary. Once in a while I could spot an elk or a rabbit, but the more I walked toward the town, the more life seemed to fade away from the landscape. It then came, as no surprise, to see that Helgen was indeed the epicenter of this void – well, what remains of Helgen, to be more exact. The gloom and utter devastation sent shivers down my spine. It looked as if a dragon had razed the town with its fiery breath…”

“The road to Bloodlet Throne – the place Dengeir presumed his ancestor to be hidden – was equally lonely, but made much more disagreeable by the stormy weather scourging that region. On my way I found Balbus, an odd man picking ingredients to impress some ‘chef’… that fool must have a death wish, or he would not look for herbs near a vampire lair!”

“Once in said lair, things changed a little: it was still disagreeable, but now I was not alone. This first encounter with vampires did not go as smoothly as I had planned; apparently it often takes more than one arrow to kill one of those bipedal leeches. The legends were true, nevertheless. Vampires cannot stand the heat without instantly turning to ashes; all except for Vighar. He was especially keen on destroying me before I could destroy him, yet in the end, even Dengeir’s ancestor fell to my flames.”

The End

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