Tirdas, 26th of Last Seed, 4E 201Mature

“Pinewatch is a true gift from the gods. The rustic hut on the hill hides a great and fearsome dungeon underneath, the kind of robbers’ nest existing only in fables and tales. While it does not reward me with vast treasures, the gold kept by these thieves totaled more than a thousand coins! Not to mention all the weaponry and elixirs stored both in the house and underground! Surely these dead criminals won’t mind I take some of this equipment with me…”

“I left the house before the first rays of sunlight could adorn the sky. I carried as little weight as possible: my bow and quiver, two silver daggers and an orcish greatsword I ‘borrowed’ from the bandits, as well as some healing potions, a bit of food, and a stick of charcoal to continue writing my journal entries.”

“I had walked for barely two hours when I was suddenly faced with a series of disparaging events. It started with a man running towards me – a Redguard, I think, heading down the road I was climbing. He stopped me and begged me, with great apprehension, to keep an enchanted bow for him until his return. I agreed to do so, and he continued to run toward Falkreath. He did not run for long, though: out of the bushes sprang a Nord, with a bow in his hand. One shot was enough to stop the fugitive, who was still within sight when struck by the Nord’s arrow.”

“I resumed my trip, but was again halted – this time by Imperial soldiers. At first I thought they knew me, and were going to arrest me for my crimes in Cyrodiil; however, they seemed to lack even that little discipline which distinguishes legionnaires from common men. They demanded a toll, but I gave them steel instead. They turned out to be thugs under the guise of Imperial soldiers. Good riddance, I say to those scoundrels, for tarnishing with their evil intents a uniform I proudly wore once!”

The End

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