Morndas, 25th of Last Seed, 4E 201 (III)Mature

“Another hour along the path brought me to an ambush. Bandits had built a fortified gate to raid anyone passing through. If only they were as competent defending the gate as they were building it: the two Nords fell to my arrows before they ever saw them coming! Little I knew that was just a small portion of all the fun awaiting me that afternoon…”

“The sun had not yet began to set when I came to a little house on a hill, a house that, actually, is not as ‘little’ as it seems to be. The cottage is but a façade to a den of thieves: a huge, underground haven which once served as the mausoleum of mighty warriors. Since I am running out of charcoal, I will paraphrase what happened: I killed them all. Pinewatch (as the map calls this location) has been cleansed from the brigand scum it hosted. I must say this is good motivation: if I can backstab my way through a brigand-ridden cave, I should be able to slay some bloody undead scared of fire… should I not?”

The End

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