Sundas, 24th of Last Seed, 4E 201Mature

“With the rising sun on the horizon I sneaked past the wall gate that separates Cyrodiil from Falkreath Hold. Skyrim seems wild and vast – an impressive contrast to the Empire’s home province. Freedom and order struggle to coexist in this land so serene, and yet so chaotic. One moment all was calm while I roamed the cobblestone road freely; the next one I found myself fending off a straggling wolf that appeared out of nowhere. The dangerous beauty of these northern lands pervades my inner being. It reminds me of the vicissitudes of life, so unpredictable and difficult to avoid…”

“It must have been close to noon time when I noticed a small aperture in a mountain near the road. I took the rash decision of entering this cave – ‘Halldir’s Cairn,’ as I told it was called – in hopes of finding food and clothes for my half-naked, hungry self. While I did find these things and more, I knew my life was in danger the moment I stepped in that cave. This was, without the shadow of a doubt, the most eerie and ghastly place I have ever been in. Past the entrance I found myself in a gloomy grotto, where a bright, ominous beam of purple light emanated from a pile of rocks all the way to the top of the cairn. Around the rock pile laid the bodies of three nords – bandits, as I learned from the journal of one, the same journal that confirmed my gravest fear: that I was not alone in that cave. Without wishing to be discovered by whatever evil prowled that cavern, I took the fur clothes and boots from a corpse, strapped two crude daggers round my waist, and grabbed every septim I could find in their purses before I began to hear a deep, grim murmur. The voices of spirits quickly grew louder, yet I was able to leave the cave unscathed. Arkay knows it was never my intention to disturb the souls within the cairn; in my prayers I fervently beg the Divine that he will show compassion to his humble servant, and that he won’t allow those spirits to venture beyond their somber sanctuary.”

The End

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