The Letter (II)Mature

“Now unto the matter to be kept between the two of us. I learned that there is an Altmer within the ranks of the rebel detachment mentioned before. Now can you believe such a thing? A High Elf, fighting and spilling the blood of their kin, and for whom? For Ulfric, the “Killer of Kings”!? I nearly strangled my spy for this sad joke until another mentioned the elf’s name: Qervalen. Now, I understand this name may not mean anything to you yet, but I know the past of the one who carries this name, and I cannot help shuddering at the thought that he roams Skyrim freely and heavily guarded. Let me thus summarize this rabid dog’s life to you, Legate.”

“The Altmer known as Qervalen was born in Cyrodiil. Little is known about his infancy, except the fact his parents were both merchants who were killed in a caravan raid. Qervalen joined the Legion at the age of seventeen, and distinguished himself in the Great War as one of the Legion’s most lethal marksmen. After the Concordat he became a bodyguard for a noble family from the Imperial City, and he was said to be “impeccable” in his duty. Unaware of his true intentions, the family gradually gave him more privileges and responsibilities. They eventually appointed him to guard the room of their teenage daughter – a grave mistake, of which the elf benefitted immensely. In a hot summer night, Qervalen went in the girl’s chamber, seduced her, and learned the location of a priceless heirloom kept within the daughter’s room! That same night he vanished, and lo and behold, so did the heirloom. Both the Legion and the Thalmor search for him since that night, so it comes as no surprise to hear such a despicable being has defected to the rebel party; that is but another disappointment in his notorious list.”

The End

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