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Hunted by both the Thalmor and the Legion, a wanted criminal flees to Skyrim, hoping to start a new life. But his former sins are not easily forgotten by his enemies, who still hold considerable power in this cold, treacherous land...

“To Legate Skulnar,” 

“Peace and prosperity be unto you in these times of great turmoil. With the utmost devotion you have kept Falkreath Hold secure despite all odds, and such service to the Empire is not to be forsaken. Many would have fled from the threat posed by Falkreath’s denizens – I speak not only of the Stormcloaks, but also of the hordes of bandits and beasts who erroneously believe to be immune to Imperial law and rule – but you stood firm, charging the enemy without fear nor doubt. For the glory of the Empire you turned boys unto men, and men unto soldiers of the Legion; although you were oftentimes outnumbered, you always led your troops to victory, no matter the foe. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most of your rank.”

“It is due to your superb performance that I send word to you, that the events soon to happen may not tarnish your otherwise pristine career, and that you may continue to exercise your duty ever so faithfully. Surely you are already aware of Whiterun’s fall to the Stormcloak rabble – the result of poor decision-making by commanders of inferior worth, no doubt. With the whole Whiterun Hold in their power, the rebels now turn their attention to the south; that is, to your Hold. According to my spies, the Stormcloaks are concentrated in Helgen, preparing for their incursion on Falkreath – including a small detachment planning to take hold of Peak Shade’s Tower. Of these things you should notify Jarl Siddgeir and General Tullius at once; request any aid that can be deployed to your hold, even if it comes from Cyrodiil. If any demands compensation, offer him the spoil from the fallen enemy. Doing so will persuade many warriors to join your troops, even if they be ruthless mercenaries or common brigands.”

The End

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