The Journey Journal

The concept of this story is a journal entry written by my favorite character, me! I don't know how it will do as a collaborative story, but feel free to add to it.

As the summer turned to fall and the temperate month of September came to a close, I picked up my feet and traveled to the dark, lonely attic where my precious journal was kept for safe keeping. I did not know what would happen in the future to be written on the blank pages of this life's story I was keeping. I knew that before I had acquired this book my life was fairly boring. It had carried itself out in a straightforward manner, from beginning to oh-so-far-away end. And then I bought this journal from an obscure bookstore, the one on east bakersfield ave that sold all this New Age material that I was too disinterested to buy. It had looked pretty, so I had bought it. And now my life was starting to get carried away with itself. It had only been two weeks since I had started writing in the leather bound journal and so far I had started my own talk radio show with a huge fan base, ran a marathon, invented a new toy, inspired an author who hadn't written in 10 years to write a bestselling novel, and was wondering what in the world had inspired me to do these things. Something inside, a tingling sensation, now triggered my writing hand to move and soon enough, there was another entry written across the pages of my new journal.

"I can't believe how I'm feeling right now. Little shots of tingly electric bolts have sprung up in my stomach and now I feel the excited energy of a million gnawing beavers damming a pond. Of course I don't know what I am going to do next. What would strike my fancy now? Running off to Paris to be an artist carrying my portfolio wherever I go? I guess I should make plans, after all, look at all the other random stuff I have done."

I then looked down at my book, and decided to write something in addition to what I had written.

"Of course, I could do anything I want. Literally, anything."

That excited feeling coursed up my spine again. What should I do next? I thought.

The End

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