the journeyMature

This story is based on a wizard learning to control his powers for the first time.

 The sky parted with a terrible roar as the lightning bolt tore downwards, cleaving a mighty oak in two as if it were a small piece of firewood. Raglen smiled a self-satisfied smile. He had done it. He had finally mastered the Lightning Spell after 9 long months of study and sweat. He had been apprentice mage to Gorlak since he was 5 years old - a promising child, with a great natural ability for magic. The old wizard had spotted him one day, all those years back as he shopped in Tondara Market for ingredients for his spells. The young Raglen had been juggling fruit, but not with his hands - with his mind. Gorlak had not seen such skill in one so young before, and he was determined to teach him to master his gift and join him at his side at the Keep.

The End

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