Beth was watching the clock,and the last ten minutes were dragging . Tipton walked in,approached her desk and grabbed the Gary Carter Bobble Head doll off her desk. She watched him as he wiggled its head " Can you please put that down Buck! " she said,looking down at her desk carful to avoid eye contact.She hated it when anyone tinkered with the items on her desk. "Calm down I'll put it back if you give me the answer I'm looking for. " She stared at him with restless eyes. Buck Tipton was fifteen years younger.  She knows this from the office Buzz. Yesterday  he celebrated his 25th birthday at a Stag party and got a Paddling butt naked by by a Transexual stripper they called Bobbie Boobs.Buck took over  Roast N Toast last year when Tipton Senior passed away from a heart attack one night while working late. The midnight cleaning crew found him dead on the toilet in the ladies room. He always used the ladies room because it was  cleaner than the men's.Everyone in the office knew this and someone came up with the nickname Mr. Tiny Tipton Tampon.
"Listen Beth Im here to find out when your going to finish up on the Hastings article .What the hell is taking you so long " asked buck." The food was horrible and the place is infested with mice and roaches." Beth said,feeling empowered now. "I don't understand ",said Tipton ." Well you want me to lie and print a great review so Assemblyman McManus's  son's restaurant will finally get some business? I ,I can't. I can't do that. Please don't ask me to do that."Beth said , now shaken. "I'm hearing bad things Around town"  "like what?" Said Buck ,putting the Bobble Head back down on the edge of the desk as he  picked up one of the rock paper weights. "Word on the street is that Jack McManus from Hastings  on the Hudson paid off someone to change their C rating to a B . The guy has rats running around in his kitchen Buck" She grabbed Gary Carter and placed him back on her desk directly in line with her silver name plate.She watched Buck anxiously as he petted her pet rock. 
"Its Mr. Tipton to you!,and I don't  give a crap if there is mouse feces in their fucking Pate'! . Now write the damn article and have it on my desk in the morning ready for the press or start looking for another job." He slammed the rock down hard on her desk knocking over Gary Carter. " I want you to write about Hastings as if it was better than your last.. " He didn't finish his sentence and slammed the door behind him as he left the room.Beth's eyes started watering. She was not the sensitive type and not easily intimidated but she was angry that he messed up her desk. She didn't need the job but she loved it. After all,she has a healthy Trust Fund her Dad left her. 
She was a Boarding School Brat.Her Dad had won the lottery shortly after she was born. All of her siblings were older and had gone to public schools. She had a free college education and graduated Magma Cum Laude  from Brown,with a major in English Literature. Looking back, She realized it wasn't fair that her brothers  and sister got none of it. She thinks  it was because of the accident. Her Dad always would say : " You are my darling angel. I will always take car of you" At 3 years old her brother Blake then 14 and Travis 13 were pushing her in a red pedal car. Her leg got twisted and mangled as it got stuck between the bottom of the car and the pavement. After hours of surgery ,skin grafting and fusing,it left her with her right leg slightly shorter than her left .All of her shoes are now custom made with one sole slightly thicker than the other.   It's been ten years since her father passed away. He died in a fishing accident in the Mediterranean.He had left her everything.
Characters cont'dBeth -Works  as a food critic for the periodical,Roast N Toast loves cats,dates online,doesn't like taking risks , has Obsessive Compulsive tendencies and is somewhat self absorbed. She once spent her entire Saturday in a blizzard shopping for a scarf to replace the one her cat Max  peed on. 

The End

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