Travis and JasmineMature

The lives of Travis and Jasmine

The Journey Ch.1
He was traveling for weeks now.He decided to leave it all behind .Material attachments were an annoyance and an indulgence he could not allow himself.On all  fours he scrambled up the incline.His hands were raw ,and knees bloody. His backpack was 80 lbs and a staff was dangling from a loop on the side. Newly muscled from his journey he felt young for his 55 years .
 Travis I have told you time and again not to take the students out of the building without getting authorization from this office and parents. You don't know what's good for my students. I'm teaching them to appreciate nature.When they are with me they don't pick up their damn cell phones. It's all about being in the moment. You know how I am.The dialogue kept repeating in his head as he was climbing higher and higher. They propelled him forward. It was the reason why he left.I want you to follow a curriculum that I have outlined.Her words were a resounding smack across his face. He pushed on,thankful for the pain and agony he was feeling now. This is living he thought. Pushing further he could see the top of the mountain now.

Jasmine was heading down a steep incline,she had been down this road before. For some reason she felt like she was loosing control.She continued to pick up speed,the front wheel of her Shwinn started to wobble. As she applied the brakes she realized that she had none.She woke to the unnatural bright lights above her head and a strong odor of the antiseptic. She realized where she was.There was a needle in her arm where Saline fluid was being pumped in."Crap! What did I do."she bellowed. "You fell off your bike again and you got pretty banged up this time. Your a real looser." He said. "Hi Dex!""How many times do I have to tell you not to do stupid shit.You are so selfish. It's the same thing with you.Always thinking about yourself. Like you and Dad."Dexter said, as he kicked her bed."Give me a break!Really! Really! Your giving me shit while I'm practically laying on my death bed.Get out,!""I'm not leaving till you apologize for all of the crap you put this family through."Dexter screamed." You disrespectful little shit."She reached for the call button and the nurse came quickly in. Dexter walked out saying;"Don't  expect to see me anytime soon" "Wow! Wow! Replied Jasmine." "What was that all about?"Asked  head nurse,Betty. "My son.He doesn't forgive me for leaving my looser husband."" Kids they are all the same."Betty said."He's the worst one. My others love me.Hey Betty can you do me a favor?iIf Dexter comes back can you tell Security that he is not welcome. I love him.I just... "Betty interrupted;"Don't worry I understand.""I'm going to take this opportunity to do a lot of soul searching while I'm here.""Good idea."Betty said as she walked out of the room.Everything happens for a reason.Thats what mom always says. Aww mommy! I miss her. She picked up the phone and dialed her mother.
The phone rang twice and she picked up." Hello my daughter.""Hey mom how's it going?""You don't sound too good."" I'm in the hospital,I fell off my bike. I was driving down the hill at Granny  Road and  lost my breaks.They worked yesterday."She said ,as she started tearing."Are you okay ? What hospital? How bad is it?"" I fractured my shoulder and got 6 stiches on my chin""I'm coming down. Do you need anything?"" A cigarette maybe,just kidding.""I'll be down later.""Okay. By Mom."The phone by her bed rang "Hey sister I heard what happened""Wow news travels fast!This sucks Beth.Everything bad always happens to me. Dexter came to see me and was a disrespectful brat."" That's so mean."Beth said.Hey I was thinking it may be a good time for all of us to get together. I was talking to Paige and she mentioned we all rent a house in the mountains. Travis would love that.""Have you heard from him."asked Jasmine. "No! He's an odd duck.He leaves a good job to go meditate in the Alps. "Look Beth,put some feelers out there and contact that brother that we never hear from.""Oh Blake"Beth said, sounding dejected. "Let's really do it this time .We can sit around by the campfire and play games.""Okay. I gotta run. I'm at work and my boss,Buck is giving me a look.""Say hello to Max for me."said Jasmine. Talk to you later."" Hug and kisses Beth said,then hung up.

The End

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