The Journal of AleksMature

We wanted to let the character shine through the story, so we wanted this to look like a legit journal that someone would have been writing in through this kind of situation. So with that said forget all of the grammar errors, literary errors, and so forth. This was for the story element only.

Y’know? I thought my life would be normal, I just thought I would wake up and see another day pass by without suffering near me. I was wrong. Scientists found a new virus, “neKroa-1” and it was thought to be like the cold. We were wrong. It spread killing everyone in it’s way...and It is hungry.




Day 1

August 3rd, 2016

I kinda decided to get a journal today. Maybe I should just write as if your seeing and hearing through my eyes, and ears… yeah, ill just do that. Well, things have gotten really shite recently, reports of strange activity in india on the news. But i’ll just carry on with my day, I mean whats the worst that could happen? I just jinxed it didn’t I. Well the day went normal other than a couple protests for the virus thing to be studied, and usually these kinds of people don’t show up in Texas. Police have been getting more active than usual, and it’s like 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon, something is spooking them. Well this is before I hit the hay, I just watched the news and, they named the virus “neKroa-1” it shows strange symptoms like, bleeding from the gums and nose, insomnia, paranoia, and some other things, well I need sleep, had a big day, good night.

Day 2

August 4th, 2016

I feel like things have started to kick off, five people have been diagnosed with “neKroa-1” which ill just call it “necroa”. The news has been on this virus a lot today, it seems thirty more have been diagnosed and the protests are getting more violent by the day. Can I just say i’m getting a bit scared? Well, i’m pretty scared, this virus is spreading a lot, all of europe is infected, that means russia, asia, the UK, all of it, infected. I hope I don’t get infected over night, I like being healthy.

Day 3

August 5th, 2016

Well, I woke up to the smell of smoke looked out my window, and BAM the building a couple miles away is on fire, well I guess it was that building, I saw the smoke. The news is saying “necroa” has taken a strange turn and instead of it being a virus, it’s a killer. My friend is one of those apocalypse types, he belives that this “necroa” virus is going to kill all of humanity and we have to save up food & water, and ammo, and fuel. I told him we may as well save up food and stuff because, I’m starting to belive his apocalypse human race killing stuff stuff.


Day 4

August 6th, 2016

Y’know I never wrote about who I am, or my childhood. I’ll start with who I am, my name is Aleks, and I had lived in Germany until I was five, when I got to america I was made fun of and called “hitler” by the other kids. Kids can be so cruel. But I got over it, and made plenty of friends. What do I look like? Well lets base it off of what I look like right now. I’m 6”8’, brown hair, green eyes, I like long walks on the beach... I’m joking, i’m an artists in my pastime.

Day 5

August 7th,2016

The fifth day of getting a journal and the “necroa” virus has taken over, new symptoms are appearing, and looters are going rampant in the streets to the point where police can’t do anything. The military has stepped in to deal with what they are calling “hordes” of people bleeding from their mouths, un-humanly growls, and screams that could make your blood cold. The news stated “they move slow and don’t act like humans, it’s strange, it’s like-” and that is where the news station had cut out into a military warning system, a boring voice had played “this will all be dealt with soon, stay in your homes and make sure you have plenty of food, water, and medical supplies.”. The voice repeted that five times then it ended back onto the news.

Day 6

August 8th,2016

I couldn’t sleep last night, I was fearing what was happening out there, in the cities, in the homes. The death that is spreading as what the news was saying “neKroa-1 is spreading into a dangerous killer… by making the dead walk, they show primitive tactics like walking around in massive hordes, which “massive” is smaller than the word describes, I would say groups up to 100. James came over in a way i’ve never seen him in, rushed, it’s like he knew what was hapenning, but wasn’t prepared to leave to the “raven nest”, which if this hapenned that is what we’ll call my house.

Day 7

August 9th, 2016

Y’know I think it’s nice that the military are trying to step in, because as we all know they are gonna do a lot. The power is still on, the tv however, not so much. We had some people knock on the door earlier today saying they’ll trade anything for food, So they had ammo and I gave them food. Good trade if you ask me.

Day 8

August 10th, 2016

One day passed, another person infected with “necroa”. Or, so I think. We live close to an old road that we only use to get to birdseye. We feel like we should set up fortifications, to protect us from anything we have coming our way. We had a radio in the attic that seemed fairly modern, so we used it and the military had started evacing civilians that could get to them. That could get to them? The military sounds like they are playing a cruel game, “come find us, we like to play hide and seek with all of you poor fools.” Or, they should have said that.

Day 9

August 11th, 2016

Recently there was a armored vehicle that was abondoned in a garage out in the woods, yeah, just out there. The van had guns, fuel, and no food or water, and by guns I mean ammo, so, yeah we found that. A bunch of military heli’s are flying over-head right now, and I think they have survivors in those, but they might have guns on the side ready to shoot use if we even think about shooting them. The power went out just now. Nine whole days until it hapenned, I was expecting 5 days but it finally hapenned were waiting to activate the generators in like 3 or so days, so until then im going to bed.

Day 10

August 12th, 2016

We had a couple knocks on the door today, a girl was there, bloody, scared, but behind that you could really see the anger behind the false look of fear. She looked like she was 5’6 or so, so fairly short, she had dark hair, but at the time I couldn’t tell if it was the blood, or dark colored hair, she was wearing a black hoodie, the black interrupted by the dark red of the blood, her pants covered in mud and more blood, as if she walked through a pile of bodies. So i asked her “hi, why are you here?” And it kinda took her a bit to reply to the odd question, and she talked “um, hi, can I come in?” And I said ok. I’ll be frank she smelled like shite...

 To be continued my friends.

The End

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