Entry 2Mature

It has been three weeks since I became Sortiara's partner. It seems I was unaware of the rules of entering Avalon. One must have a partner in order to complete their entrance. Could this have something to do with the Trials of Avalon only having half of the sorcerers who enter survive? I had no idea and not the stomach to ask this of Sortiara. Is was likely she knew as little as me, aside from what I was recently brought to light upon.

I remember Sortiara looking at me as if I were a monster once. She nearly seemed as if she would attack me.

"Am I that horrid?"

Sortiara had laughed at the statement. "You are simply pathetic is all."

We had taken on two jobs in the last week. In one I was nearly killed by her. She claimed that I had gotten in the way, but with how she looked... Honestly, I must say I fear her. Whenever there has been a battle, she has lost her mind in the slaughter. It is as if she lusts after the destruction of the damnable monsters of this world. No, I cannot say that. It is more like the lust for slaughter itself.

"I have a problem," she told me one night as we finished the second job. She looked into the fire like never before. There was sorrow in her eyes. This alone had surprised me more than anything in my life. Sortiara had become something of a cold-hearted creature more than a partner in our weeks of knowing one another, and now she showed sadness?

When I asked her to explain, she reverted to her old self. I should have expected this. It didn't surprise me when I was hit back onto the ground. "Don't you speak to me, filth."

I was appalled, but did not question further. I had grown in strength and managed to stay alive and help Sortiara out more, but I was still far below her in her own eyes. This was the norm of my life now. It was something I accepted, as well. After all, what could I do?

The End

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