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There are reasons why somethings are secret. Why you should never invade someone's privacy. The contents of the treasures you find may consume you...This tale exemplifies just how something you've never know, you've only stumbled upon, and has only piqued your interest may go so far as to steal you from reality. Once it is out, it will only continue to feed.

Upon a quiet eve, a young woman clad in black walked briskly into a dark room and sat at a computer. She tied her auburn hair into a ponytail, brushing back strands that hindered her chocolate brown eyes from catching sight of the button that would turn her monitor on. As she waited for everything to power up, the young woman playfully scooted over to a grey metal filing cabinet that seemed to glow in the eerie moonlight. She reached atop the file cabinet and grabbed a beige folder that read,

“Doc #: 000861223 Status: Closed/ Unsolved”.

A familiar chime sounded and gave the pale skinned woman reason to pull her chapped lips into a half smile as she slid back to her computer. She sorted through the papers; news clippings, old discarded reports with coffee stains and creased edges, and photographs that had been thumbed through as often as the most common porno magazine left in a mens dirty stall. She held up a photograph and ran the pad of her fingertip along a singed edge. Many of the papers in the folder had similar markings, as if someone had tried to destroy them.

She huffed away the stray hair that carelessly hung and tickled her lips as she turned to log onto her computer, then onto a site she had used times before. She tapped her foot nervously, occasionally admiring her wiry appeal in the reflection of the monitor. Finally welcomed by her darkened homepage bordered with crimson red strokes, she sighed a sigh of relief and pleasure to feel the keys once more under her fingers. The young woman scrolled across the flashing tabs to navigate to her favourite forum; the unexplained and perplexing, as she liked to put it.

Psi_lenceLeek Says:

Evening everyone, I realize that it's been like a century since my last post here, but after the last confrontation, I had to take myself into hiding. Apparently, neither the government nor the local police admire folks who indulge in the forbidden and taboo; even if a case is marked 'closed', it really never is. That being said, I would like to bring to your attention details of a case that has yet to be solved.

In light of the situation; my situation to be more specific, I will try to be as tame as possible. I can only reveal as much as I have observed myself.

Stories like this never really allow the narrator to leave out d­etails without hacking the tale apart. To be honest, as much as I love the idea of hacking, I'll save that for when I'm out in the woods with a friend. This case begins and ends with a sordid journal entry I happened to stumble upon while in hiding.

Psi, as she referred to herself, quickly found the scanned pdf pages and attached them to her post. As one page after another slowly loaded, she continued to write;

Now, these are just my thoughts and my analysis of this unfinished case, but the victims writing seems to be hurried and reckless, as though she were trying to run from something. Something that snuck into the crevices of her mind. She was not writing for herself. There was something controlling her mind or more likely, her hand. The few people I've spoken to about this before coming back home, agreed with me. As a collective group of 'scandal-loving-cult aficionado’s', we have yet to discern exactly what 'it' was. Some people speculate it to have been a demon. Others thought her to simply be crazy or an attention seeker.

Whatever the case may be, the disappearance of this young woman in our reality is a matter we cannot ignore. I speak civilly to you, but I warn you I am not an officer. As many of you know, for me to be an officer would be like me taking the role of district attorney; a great title on a business card, but I'd be arrested as soon as I was sworn in.

I am a leak, an inside source.

The information I posses is equivalent to what the police already have. I will give you the details that they have in their reports, and then some. Are you guys ready? Then please, read the attached files. This entry will confuse at first. Please, dear friends. Keep in mind, that it is not you who is insane, but the young woman who has gone missing because of this;

Psi quickly looked over her post to check for grammar and spelling errors that may have crept into her typing while she stared at the tiny bar with green pixels slowly filling it. Happy with what she had written and overjoyed with the completion of the loading process, Psi clicked 'Post' and awaited for her fellow thinkers' to post their ideas. Psi took time to reread the scanned pages herself.

Doc #: 000861223 Diary pages of Patient XX Date of Submission: 12/23/1887

Status: Closed/ Unsolved

Let us turn to the darkest corner of our room. As you walk towards it, please ensure you have something unique to your reality that will snap you out of this nightmare when you see fit. Alright? Straighten your clothes, smooth out the wrinkles and whatever else may cause an air of unprofessionalism about yourself. Comb your hair you slob. Remember, appearance is everything. When you meet people as shallow as the amber liquid that pools to the bottom of your shot glass, reflecting your hollow glances, you might not think how you look is important. You'd be wrong.

Look into the mirror. Wave goodbye to yourself. If you feel the need to smile, please do. Grin, then turn and walk the road to a discovery that few have ever stumbled upon. As you get closer to the darkness your legs may feel heavier. Fall to your knees. On all fours, crawl to the corner. You must keep going. There is nothing that can stop you from journeying to this new world.

If your hands and knees grow bloody, then slither, my dear. Slither on your belly over the cold, hardwood floor you trample on every day in hopes that you'll finally leave the house and go somewhere. It isn't that difficult. Right?

Do you feel your knees growing raw as you slowly climb?Are your eyelids feeling heavy as well? As though you could sleep at any moment. I implore you not to sleep, my dear. For the sake of us, we cannot slumber and take a moments peace if we are not yet enveloped in the world. Drag yourself to the corner and do so with a smile. Your eyes defy all you feel. Your focused stare, your brilliantly wide eyes glaring into the corner. Yes.

Whatever whispers creep behind you, ignore them. They only exist to encourage you into the soft escape of darkness. Your fingers come closer. Please, just a bit more. The cool caress of a shadow to your fingertips will flow through you. The tiny chill as it moves over your body, something to be savoured as it will be the last thing you feel before you leave.

This is not a trip for pleasure. It is a painful journey you are taking. You embark upon this with no one to accompany you.

No one is here but you.

You are alone until you join the shadows. Go now, hurry. As the sun rises, your opportunity to become one diminishes. This is your last chance. You've worked hard to ignore the thousands of chances you've had to crawl into the abyss. You will ignore it no longer!

You will go quietly. No words, no sorrow, no regret. When you leave this life, you will not enter another. No one does when they take this road. A dark, gloriously dank road of self loathing and hatred for life itself, spotted with shards of distrust stealing further into your core, piercing and drawing forth the feelings of jealousy.

You reek of that foul emotion. Did you know that? You reek of everything that the glass shards have wrought. The glass sitting within your flesh and, like a bird ,nesting itself. What festers beneath your swollen and aching skin is more horrid and may only disappear when you enter this world. You will be cleansed of all that has befallen your pitiful life and you shall rejoice within the bosom of unholy darkness from which you were birthed. Indeed, borne from the seedy underbellies of wretched and ignorant fools like you.

Look towards the corner. Do not turn away from it. As you write these words, think of the pain you feel. The raw flesh as it hangs from your knees and the heel of your palms, stinging from the chill of the shadows as they branch towards you. Reaching out, crying and moaning for the feeling of fresh meat. It calls for you. The trail of blood that you leave behind will be the only reminder that you ever existed, if anyone cares to look for you.

You cannot fight this feeling to become one with our shadows. We will not find peace until you find yours. Take it slowly and reach, at first, your hand into the dampness. Indeed, we are a cold aspect of the painful realities which no-one fails to fall upon at least once in their life. Grit your teeth and bare with the stinging pain as you keep true and push forth your head. Does it burn? Your scalp; does it sear with pain? Do you feel as though you are on fire?

An increasing pressure around your body leaving you unable breathe? As though something were wrapped around your throat keeping you in the dark cavern, starving for air. Open your mouth and inhale, child. You must. What will fill your lungs will be as thick as milk and as clear as air tainted with your mothers liquids. What fills your lungs will be your mothers liquids. From your body will flow the fresh reminder of your mother. How sweet she tasted as she too walked with the shadows.

Dear, sweet thing, a child as young as you has nothing to fear. You are as invincible as you want to be. As you slink further into our shadows and find the pain twist and tug at your innards, we only hope that you dare not turn back. Think of how the others would find you. Half alive? Perhaps half dead. Looking at your perspective, life through your eyes a pessimist like you would look at your mangled malnourished body as half dead. Would you not? You would regret not following through and submerging your entire being into our murky, cold depths.

I hear them calling, whispering in hushed tones. These shadows speaking, spewing their eerie thoughts. 'I believe we have this child. Closer and closer until we have her toe. Her blue eyes are closed to the humanity that shunned her and her pale lips pursed together, staving off any breath that may threaten to pass to keep her from us. Her fists balled into tiny anvils, as she holds in her cries. We could not be prouder of this child. Our young woman coming to join us. We are her family. Come, quickly. Do not lose heart dear, sweet, girl.'

Psi looked away and shivered slightly as she hugged herself and gingerly rubbed her arms. She glanced at her clock and looked to the window. The sun was barely peaking over the hills, it's rays blanketing the old roads in a brilliant hue of gold. Dark shadows stayed themselves on the window sill of her apartment, frosting the glass with tiny crystals of ice. The longer she stared, the more she was in awe of the intricate pattern that started on the bottom left corner of the glass. Psi could not look away. She was fixated on the crystallizing corner. It was a feeling all too familiar, reminiscent of the young woman she had become intimately involved with after scouring through her files.

This feeling would not go away. Not easily. Psi slowly turned her body, her eyes glued to the frosted corner. In one swift movement, the young woman bit down on her tongue. She reeled and covered her mouth with her hands, hissing in pain. As she cursed quietly under her breath, Psi returned to her forum and grinned. Someone had replied.

RebelzCozweigh says:

Welcome bak Psi!! We missed you! Not to trample on your return 'story', but there's something that seems off about this. 1. How did you find out about it? 2. Are there any more things like this? 3. Is there any other proof other than pages that you cud have faked?

Again, welcome bak!!

Psi gritted her teeth, but chuckled as she began to write. This boy was not one of her comrades who would help to produce any conclusions. He was always one to argue. With an air of wounded dignity for having her post questioned, Psi hammered at the keys she had usually tapped upon lovingly.

Psi_lenceLeek says:

Cozweigh, thank you for the return reply. I was just about to set myself to sleep when I caught your post. To answer your questions:

  1. I never reveal my sources. If you read my post with diligence, you will see that I admit to being a leak. Please keep that in mind the next time you decide to question me.

  2. There are no other cases that I am aware of, but if I find any more of this nature, I will be sure to post them here. This, being the first of any case since my return, sparked my interest. I felt some sort of connection to this girl.

  3. I have a few photographs. Unfortunately, the quality is so poor, that any way I attach them will probably render them utterly useless in the future. They're so brittle..

If you wonder why even the scanned pages are brown, it's because of WHEN this incident occurred. The doc number, I have come to decipher as a date of issue when this journal was taken into evidence. Doc # 000861223, stands for X-X-X-1886-December-23rd.

Psi paused. She picked up the folder and stared at the doc number. December 23rd. One hundred years before she was born. Psi shook of the feeling that crept over her shoulder, much like a cold boney hand and returned to her post.

Psi_lenceLeek says:

I know this sounds weird, but while going through this case...I felt some sort of affinity with this woman. I looked through all of the files and not once was her name ever mentioned. Even the police reports stated that this girl was scarred beyond belief, so there was no possible way of identifying her.

The journal never mentioned her shredding her face, but I felt as though my face was being torn off as I read through her passages. When I touched my hand to my face...I actually felt blood trickling. It was both warm and cold.

There was one point where it felt like water. When I looked at my fingers, instead of being greeted with fingertips dripping with my own scarlet liquid, I was met with...sludge.

The reason I bring this up, is because the sludge is reminiscent of the darkness. Or that's how I interpret this feeling.

Psi turned to her window once more, taking her eyes from her only safe haven. The frosted corner had engulfed the entire window and became a sickening, oily black mass. She could no longer blink. Slowly turning back to her screen, Psi began to type.

Psi_lenceLeek says:

Welcome to your Heaven, child. Dear Psi_lence. Dear sweet, Psi_lence. You pried and you pondered. You wondered and wandered too closely for your own safety.

Do you see the darkness? Where the light would shine and save you from us? You needn't fear it any longer. Though you thought you respected and worshiped the darkness, We can help you to understand everything. The young woman in the file you've read? We know who she is.

As pale and frail as Psi_lence herself. Striking brown eyes, straight auburn hair. Full lips that cracked and bled as she would try to smile; much like your lips Psi. Now listen carefully dear, darling child. We will tell you this but once.

Turn to the darkest corner of your room and smile as you walk towards it. Do not show it fear or you will never find yourself whole again. You will not fall to your knees like the woman years before you. No. You will walk proudly to us.

As we shadows reach out to cradle you, please reach out to us and touch us. Do not shudder, Psi_lence. Do not show fear.

We will never hurt you. You will never feel pain, nor loneliness, nor regret. We take it all upon ourselves and allow our children to live an eternity of peaceful happiness. There are no lulls of joy to be replaced with sorrow. Our darkness is constant and therefore will give you stability the likes you have never experienced.

Psi_lence, continue to walk towards the corner of your room. Come now, child. The cold shards felt upon your skin is nothing to shy away from. It is nothing but ice; we are welcoming you into a world of chill. Hearts forever frozen with kisses that pierce the flesh. From your body will flow the fresh reminder of your mother. How sweet she tasted as she too walked with the shadows.

Do you remember now, Psi? Who you are, who your mother is? Who the woman over one century ago was? You feel the affinity to her because your mother felt it too, child. As did her mother, and her mother before her, and so on.

Psi paused. Her fingers fought against the urges. Her muscles twitched as she attempted to block out all sounds. Nothing helped. She lowered her eyes, but couldn't stop typing her own journal. Public and for everyone to read. A sly smile tugged at her lips as she thought about Cozweigh and his ability to question everything she ever posted.

Psi_lence! You will not stop! The corner is your mother! Your grandmother! The corner will be you! Come to us child! Walk and never fear us again. We will wipe your tears with our shadows and lock them away with kisses of sweet despair...

The young woman of 1886; all she saw was an emptiness unmatched by even the darkest corners of the universe. The glossy surface of unbroken shadows rippled and grew as the last of her body was submerged into the watery portal, her body, twisted and morphed, contorted into obscene postures, and swollen beyond belief. She looked like a juicy blueberry, ready to pop. Only her complexion was more like that of a porcelain doll.

Her eyelids were peeled back, but there were no irises. Prying her lips apart revealed to the police, no teeth.


This is what was left in the reports for this woman. No teeth, no finger prints, no possible way to identify who she was. The police surveyed her body and took careful measure of her knees and hands. Printing and photographing them.

One policeman reportedly stated that, “It was as though someone had taken sand paper to this young gals' knees! Frightful sight, really.”

Her clothing clung to her as the police pulled her from the tub. Her hair, stuck to her skin, a shiny coat of slime causing it to stay glued to her face. The young woman had been in her 'portal' for much longer than one week. This is a certainty.

The bloodied water had coloured her night dress a beautiful shade of pink. The curves of her breasts pressed against the moistened fabric left nothing to the imagination of officers who scanned the room for any evidence of foul-play. A few stooped over the body to take a closer look at the body, out of sheer sick pleasure. Yes, the authorities in this town are as twisted as bed-spring coil. They haven't changed in the slightest.

They ogled her body, much like they did Psi's. Psi was found on the ground, shards of glass protruding from her face, her palms bare and bloodied. Eyes were peeled wide open and much of her skin was left uncovered by the black clothing she wore earlier that night; skin left bare to be weathered by the elements. Oddly enough, no animal harmed her after she plummeted to her death.

No blood, therefore no temptation to maul and carry home to the pups. If the police had cared to explore Psi's room, they would have found the darkened corner. The throbbing, pulsing mass that tempted Psi and the women before her was still there, lurking. It lingered much like it did in the room of #000861223.

The police also would have found the next victim...

Psi_lenceLeek says:

To the followers of Psi, we welcome any challenges to Doc # 000861223. Please, present yourself, your arguments, your issues with the validity of this case...

RebelzCozweigh says:

Hey Psi! I still have some issues grl!! Those photos you mentioned earlier! Just post them up! You can scan them or somethin', right?! Do it!

Psi_lenceLeek says:

We have a better idea. We can simply show you, first hand how #000861223 and Psi looked when we engulfed them. Mind you, they did not look the same since, #000861223 was in a liquid fantasy, and Psi traveled through her window to her Heaven.

We can give you your own portal to a paradise of your liking. All you need do is follow our instructions and look into the corner of your room...

Though their bodies were here on Earth, their minds had left. You may think Psi is dead, or that #000861223 is gone, but I assure you, they are most definitely here. Who else do you think entraps new victims?

Temptation, seclusion, and isolation are the tools that darkness' like #000861223 and Psi_lenceLeeks uses to hone in on in order to find the next victim.

Date: 04/13/2012


Username: #000881222


#000881222 says:

Hey...I know that this forum has been closed for more than a few years, but I found it interesting. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on another case I found while surfing the net.

Unlike #000861223, I actually have the name of the person and a bit more information. I just don't have the cause of death.

So.. I found out that it was someone who used to post in this forum. His username was RebelzCozweigh...I found out that his real name is--

The End

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