Chapter 2

I waited most of the night to see if Lav would return back to me not like I had much of a choice though since I'm unable to move on my own. I can feel the wind blowing and that's something I cannot remember ever feeling and then it happened, I heard allot of commotion and some guy came down the alley with his dark clothing and his pale exhausting look. This man pauses right over me staring back at the direction from which he came he's sweating profusely as if he has been running for a very long time he seems scared of something. I noticed a black bag that he is carrying he grips it tightly. I to focus on the direction from which he came from and I see a very tall man a shadowy figure standing at the end of the alley just standing there with his arms down at his sides I have no Idea what is going on but to my surprise the shadowy man at a supernatural speed quickly ran up to the exhausted man and grabs him and they both simply vanish in to thin air leaving only a trail of some sort of white mist that felt like a sprinkler that you'd find in someones yard but the black bag fell to the ground right next to me almost landing on me and I was stunned and didn't quite know what to make of it.

"What the hell was that?" I thought and then suddenly I felt that tingly sensation It feels like how I'd imagine if someone very gently runs there fingers down your back and you then get goose bumps thats kind of how this tingly sensation feels. Everything that has happened to me since I last saw Lav appeared on what it seems like my endless amount of pages I don't think I could ever get use to that tingly sensation. I look over at the bag that is next to me "So HM what is your name? what about we call you baggy?" then I thought a bit "no no no that sounds like your homeless oh wait you are homeless just like me. I suppose you can't walk or grow arms can ya? hey did I tell you about gummy?" so as the night went on I tried to be some company for this bag but It's really me trying to be some company to my self.

The following morning the streets were filling up with people and sounds as the sun light broke the horizon, This lady stood right over me with this excited look on her face "Oh my whats in that bag I wonder?" she mumbled trying not to attract attention to her self. She reached for baggy and began to open him she then paused. The excited look turned into frustration and she threw baggy down to the pavement hard and mumbled something about how only the rich find anything good or win the lotto as she walked away as baggy just lies there on his side, whats her Issue I thought? or Issues?. Suddenly I heard a voice A groaning sound of a man's voice his voice is pretty deep sounding and I'm scanning the surrounding area trying to figure out where it is coming from, suddenly baggy was pushed upright with his long handle strap "What the? hey can you hear me?" I said excitedly, "Huh what? me so tired, where am I? and who said that?" replied baggy in a tiring voice.

"So you can hear me!, who are you and why haven't you said anything earlier?" I responded.
"Who said that?" baggy replied. I paused and thought, Id scratch my head if I had one "The book said that!" I replied.

After a short pause baggy replied with a snicker "yeah right books don't talk". "Neither do bags" I said in an abrupt and quick tone.

"And what bag are you referring to? you page eater!" says baggy as he lets out a loud burp sound.
"You are one disgusting bag and so rude to, so this is what I get for wishing for some attention" I said after looking up into the sky.

Baggy looks up to and pauses and says "Ya know bro It's hard to tell where you are looking but I bet your not looking under that ladies dress there eh? I know I would be" as he laughs and coughs.

"Why me?" I responded still looking up, "I need to find Lav you disgusting dirty bag" I added as I look back at Baggy.
"Oh yeah? and what are you going to do to find this Lav? float?" replies Baggy as he laughs some more with his deep sounding voice.

I noticed a lady walking towards us and I tell baggy "Quick! put me inside you with your long strappy thing!"
Baggy laughs and replies "Long strappy thing? inside me? now who's the pervert?" as he continues laughing.
"Hurry up!" I responded as Baggy then tosses me inside with his strap.

"So dark in here" I said as I then here a gassy fart sound that actually echoed within.
"What the hell was that Baggy?" I said with a wondering voice.
"Trust me you Chick repellent, you don't want to know!" replies Baggy.

I can't see out of the bag but I can hear the lady stop right over us and say "Oh! It's a Bag!" as I can feel us being lifted up. I suppose it feels like an Elevator just not always going up or down.
Suddenly it got bright as the Lady opens Baggy and stares right at me
and she touches me and then says "An ugly old book?" she glances at my pages and seems shocked as she adds "Blank pages?, worthless book" as she tosses me to the side onto the ground almost landing on a snail that is keeping shelter from the warm sun by staying in the shadow of this building.

"Ouch" I said out loud, "Ugly old book? blank pages? I had writing on my pages, yup the writing is still there to!" I added as I watch this Lady walk away carrying Baggy as Baggy yells back "Take care Captain Crunch" as he laughs and I can over hear him mumbling "Let me drop a little lower, I can almost see under this damn dress!"

I paused, looked at this snail and said "So whats your name? know someone named Lav?" I then mumbled "At least you really are something alive".   

The End

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