The Journal

Never judge a book by It's cover

I don't know where I come from or where I am going, but with my old yellowish trimming and my many blank pages It seems I have not a story to tell, my cover is also empty, nothing on it at all, so you really shouldn't judge a book by It's cover because I'm not a normal book, I'm a journal but not just any journal.  

My story began in New York city on a nice sunny day in 1989, if my memory serve me right it was in August of that year, a little girl picked me up off of the dry dirty ground, I've never had a person touch my old looking cover before, I mean why would they? most people just walk by as I get kicked around and ran over by vehicles and other things, I once made friends to a chewed up wad of bubble gum, I called him gummy, but as you might have guessed he wasn't much for chatting, then he hitched a ride on someones shoe! “see ya gummy!”.

But when this girl picked me up my life changed forever, she picked me up and I actually felt something!, I was confused at first but then delighted that someone noticed me enough to pick me up! Even if it was just for a minute, and why did I feel her hand? I've never felt anything before!, then she looked at me and opened my cover and began fiddling with my empty pages, her brown eyes, pale skin and long black hair looks so familiar but I cannot quite remember where I've seen her before, I mean I've seen allot of people but this girl was different, unlike most girls she wore pants and tennis shoes, she didn't look girly, but who am I to jump to conclusions after all she made me one happy book just  by picking me up!.

Her mother called her name, and I thought “so your name is Lav, odd interesting name”. Lav just looked at her mother, Lav looks sad, her mother came up to her and said “put that old filthy book down, you don't pick up trash!” as she batted at her hands and I fell to the ground, ouch!, wait what? I felt me hit the ground? Her mother grabbed her hand and they walked off, she began to mumble about how not to pick up trash, I felt insulted and now that I think of it, Lav and her mother looked like they had allot of money, her mother was wearing expensive looking clothing and had on lots of jewelery.

I tried to yell her name “Lav!, don't leave! Wait! Who are you? Lav!” but it was no use, her ears cannot hear me, no human can hear me, I began to feel depressed, wait a second, why do I feel depressed? This is all new to me, I've never felt depressed before and yet I know I am depressed, then I thought “ever since Lav touched me” whoa, whats that feeling? I feel a strange tingly sensation, whoa! Stuff formed on my pages, everything that I said and witnessed and things that has been done to me since Lav picked me up is now on my pages!.

To be continued.....

The End

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