The Jon Madden FilesMature

Jon Madden is a Private Investigator, working in gritty, downtown Era, a place where even the hardiest heros and police wont dare tread. Yet his time spent as a Spy and Federal Agent has taught him how to handle himself in almost any situation. Even the ones where he is completely out of his depth.

They say this city is rotting like an apple, forgotten at the bottom of the bin. Well I can see it. The stink of crime and sin is everywhere and it fills my nose, making me gag.  There aint no morals in this town, hell there's barely any care at all. Men and women lie naked in their own shit, they shout and cry and whine for someone to save them from their miserable existence but nobody is strong enough to answer that call.

Some may call me a cynical man, I don't see it, I only see the truth. And the truth of the matter is that this city is the epitome of humanity.

So then what is my role in all this..? that's a question I've been wondering a long time and in the end, I came up with one conclusion. I'm the silent observer of chaos, and now my voice is being heard.

The End

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