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BA,hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa, (cough, cough) hehehe...

The night descended upon Gotham city, bringing on another night of ravenous crime. Commisoner Gordon sat in his office, staring not at the bright roads, but at the dark allys. Grumbling, he shove a cigarette into his mouth, his wrinkly face twisting into a frown. He lit the cigarette and inhaled. Gordon coughed the cigarette out, mumbling as he leaned over to pick it up. His door opened and Gordon growled in a grated voice "Not seeing anyone right now."

A voice lit as rain said "What's better than a baby nailed to a tree? One baby nailed to ten trees!"

Gordon swallowed, his two fingers now on his cigarette. He put it in his mouth, slowly sat up to face a man with a white face. The Joker chuckled. Gordon growled "That's horrible."

Joker sighed "You're right, I didn't even make that one up Anne Frankly can't stand it!"

Gordon fingered his revolver on his thigh, looking for any other threats. He growled in a grated voice "Shouldn't you be back in your cage Joker?!"

Joker laughed "Ohh, I doubt anyone is at the place, not until the night gets dark enough."

Something felt wrong to Gordon. He asked "What are you trying to tell me?"

Joker leaned over Gordons office table, his face coming into the lamps light, his hand holding a revolver. An oddly shaped face stared at Gordon, yelling "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!" The Jokers revolver fired and a flag extended out the barrel with the wordBANGimprinted on the side. 

A cry issued from the street as a savage roar filled the air. The Joker punched Gordon out of his chair, mumbling "You just can't trust ammo anymore... well, gotta go!"

With that, the Joker disappeared. Gordon stood up, grabbed his phone, dialed 417 and yelled "This is commissioner James Gordon, seal of police headquarters now!"

The End

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