Chapter Six

The round room at the top of the southwest tower was lit by the rising sun. Its golden light filled the room with a warmth that Jaxon did not feel. All he felt was fear, threatening to paralyze him and prevent his movement to the center of the room. The three boys stood in formation, Jaxon in front, the two taller boys behind, their cloaks hanging off them, too big. The Padawan had taken their lightsabers before they were locked in the waiting room, but the cloaks remained as a symbol of their insolence.

All around the edges of the room sat the High Council. Some were physically attending the meeting, solid and in color, others were semi-transparent and blue. Holograms of council members that were not in the Temple that morning.

"Axel Stargem, Darren Warfet, and Jaxon Selizar," The Jedi master who had rescued them began. "What do you have to say for yourselves?"

"We were helping people!" Darren practically growled. He was still holding onto his injured hand.

"There is much anger in that one," Yoda observed. "Fear that he will not pass the trials."

"The trials are still a couple of years away." Axel murmured. "Masters," He addressed the council. "I would like to explain..."

Axel told the entire story, how Darren had come to him with an idea several weeks before, about helping people just outside the temple, who needed the help of Jedi, but fully trained Jedi just did not have time to help them. The way Darren had explained it had made it sound like a good idea, and Axel had spent some time in the lab modifying training sabers to function like real ones, though they were still not as strong as the sabers Jedi made themselves. That was where Jaxon stepped in, telling the masters how he had come to join their little band, and how they'd helped the woman with her purse, and several other small crimes.

"We really felt like we were doing good," he finished meekly.

Darren said nothing throughout the explanation, but as they three were ushered out to wait for the council to pass on the sentence, he spoke. "We only did what you could not."

Once again, they were locked in the room with the single window, and Jaxon resumed staring out at the city, and the sun rose higher.

After what seemed like hours, a different Jedi master came to get them. He took each boy individually, Darren first, to see the council.

Axel went second, resigned to his fate. Jaxon watched Axel's shoulders slump in defeat as he left the room silently.

Finally, it was Jaxon's turn, and he faced the council, trying to be brave and looking his masters in the eye.

"Jaxon Selizar, because of your actions in the city these past few weeks, the council had decided to expel you from the Order, but due to your age and your record until now as a good and willing student, we have decided to place you on probation instead."

"Thank you, Masters." Jaxon bowed.

"Put one toe out of line, Selizar," another council member said, "and you will be expelled from the order."

"Until a padawan, you become, or if the Service Corps, you enter," Yoda said, "in the temple, you will remain."

"Yes, Master Yoda," Jaxon said, bowing once more, before the jedi master escorted him back to his dorm, where the clan was gathered for breakfast already.

Jaxon sat down at the table, and Nita, first just looked at him, then began to cry. Jaxon wasn't sure what to say, so he just took it as Nita wrapped her arms around him.

"Never, ever ever ever go again," she managed, "or I'll k-kill you myself!"

"I'm not going to go again," Jaxon said, looking directly at Chase. "No more secrets. I promise."

The End

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