Chapter Four

The class ended and it was back to the dorm level for lunch. Chase and Nita chattered happily, but Jaxon kept quiet.

Something had triggered his reaction in class. A feeling of dread, as if there was a sleeping monster miles beneath their feet, just waiting to wake up and destroy everything in its path.
Lost in thought, Jaxon didn't see the Jedi master entering the hallway until it was too late. He stumbled into the man, nearly knocking him over.

"Keep your mind on the present, youngling," the man said, picking himself up.

"Yes, master Qui Gon," Jaxon bowed respectfully and the Jedi master smile before continuing down the hall.

"I pity the youngling who gets picked as his apprentice," Nita said quietly. "You hear stories about how master Qui Gon is always disobeying the wishes of high council."

Chase gasped loudly, faking horror. "So?" He asked, "we don't have to do everything the council says. Do we?"

Jaxon overcame his embarrassment and grinned. "He's known for his unorthodox ideas, but he's a really good Jedi, and a wise man. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a master."

"What, do you want to be his student?" Nita asked, still teasing. 

Jaxon shrugged. Somehow he knew that wasn't how it was going to be. "We're still too young to be tested," he said simply.

"I can't wait to be a Jedi master!" Chase said, wielding an invisible light saber at no one.

"But if you weren't?" Nita was still focused on Jaxon. Jaxon opened his mouth to reply when another jedi's voice rang through the hall.

"Obi Wan Kenobi! Stay with the group!" The three turned to see a sandy haired youngling pout and rejoin his clan near the turbo lift. He couldn't have been more than six years old.

"Speaking of staying with the group..." Chase muttered, and the three dashed towards the lift.

"The hallways are busy this time of day," Nita commented once they were inside.

"And I'm sure I've heard the name Kenobi before," Jaxon said.

"It was in the dream," Chase said helpfully. "Vader or Kenobi?"

"So if that was Kenobi, then who's Vader?"

"The world may never know..." Chase waved his hand dramatically.


They reached the refectory without anymore mishap, and sat down to eat a lunch of steamed vegetables and some kind of pasta. 

"Do you think the dream could have been some kind of vision of the future?" Jaxon asked after a few minutes.

"I think its unusual for you two to share a dream," Nita said, "but no. The way you described it makes it sound nothing like the future. It was more like pretend. You didn't even have real lightsabers."

"But maybe it was symbolic. At the end, they sort of shattered. What if that symbolizes the end of the Jedi Order?" Jaxon said, his voice rising in panic.

"I think you're reading too much into it," Nita took a bite of her pasta. "Maybe it was just a particularly strong connection to the Force that allowed you both to share a dream. Could we move on now?"
"Sure," Chase said. "It was pretty funny when Jaxon got mad in force class today. I seriously thought you were going to hurl that pillow right at Master Yoda.” 

Jaxon turned red, and slumped down in his seat. "We're supposed to follow the code. Jedi don't get angry." He muttered. 

"We all get mad sometimes," Chase said, "I'm just teasing, don't worry about it. What's next on the schedule?"

"Politics, then lightsaber training. After we meditate of course." Nita informed him.

"Sweet, nap time!" Chase cheered. Nita shot him a look.  "I'm just kidding, I haven't napped through the meditations in a long time." Chase defended himself. "Okay, a little bit last week," he muttered to Jaxon. Jaxon grinned and took a bit of his pasta to hide it from Nita.

Several hours later, he found himself in lightsaber training, sitting on the floor in a room on the Verandah, listening to Yoda and another Jedi master talk about what the Jedi called Form 0.

"We all know that you are eager to wield a lightsaber," the Jedi master said, "but first you must learn the times when it is necessary, and when it is not." 

"Only in defense, should, your lightsaber, you need to use." Yoda added.

"You really need to listen to the entire sentence when Yoda talks don't you?" Nita whispered to the boys. They grinned and nodded.

Jaxon tried to pay attention from his position in the back of the room, but his mind wandered away, and with it his eyes, when he saw two boys, about 12 years old, whispering near a column outside the room.

"Tonight?" One asked.

"Yeah, here, take this lightsaber. I've rigged it to do real damage."

"Sweet, we'll go do some real Jedi work."

Jaxon crawled slowly towards the pair, away from his friends.

"I know a really good spot..." The first boy said, but the second held up a hand and pointed at Jaxon.

"Eavesdropping is rude." He said.

"I'm sorry, I--" Jaxon thought fast. He didn't know what he had been interested in the older boys' actions, but what they were talking about sounded dangerous, and really cool. "Do you think I could come with you?"

"A youngling, joining us?"

"You two aren't padawans yet." Jaxon guessed. The two exchanged a look.

"You aren't going to get in the way?" The first boy asked. Jaxon shook his head.

"Okay, meet in the great hall at 11:30, sharp. We leave at 11:35, so don't be late."
Jaxon nodded, and the second boy handed him a small training lightsaber.

"Tuck that into your tunic. It works like a real one, so don't slice your arm off between now and tonight."

Jaxon nodded again.

"Alright," said the first boy. "I'm Axel, and this is Daren."

"I'm Jaxon." Jaxon introduced himself.

"11:30, don't be late." Daren said again, and the two boys parted ways, leaving Jaxon to crawl back to class. He slipped back into place as Yoda scanned the crowd.

"A volunteer, we need, to demonstrate the basic stances." He said. Everyone raised their hands.

The End

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