Chapter Two

Jaxon woke up with a start. Sunlight streamed in through the window of his little bedroom, and chimes sounded from somewhere in the depths of the castle, waking up all the younglings. He was making his bed, putting on his uniform and thinking about the dream he’dhuh had the night before, about a fake lightsaber duel, and a planet called Earth, when there was a knock on the door. 

“Jax?” Someone asked. “Open up, it’s Chase.”

Jaxon opened the door to reveal his best friend. In the same clan since they were three, Chase and Jaxon were like brothers, and Jax knew whenever something was up with his ever-cheerful friend. 

“I had the weirdest dream last night,” Chase said, practically falling onto Jaxon’s meditation stool. “I was fighting you, except, we were teenagers, and we had um…” He wrung his hands together as if holding a lightsaber. “These sticks wrapped in tape.”

“And then we ended up in this weird place, where we were stars.” Jaxon added, sitting down beside him.

“Jack!” Jason exclaimed. 

“Jason!” Jack ginned. “I guess we’re going to be Jedi.” He added. 

“I guess so. That’ll be fun.”

“Hard too, look at what we’ve already had to go through. Taken from our parents as babies, waking up every day at 5.”

“Yeah…” Jaxon mumbled. “Breakfast?” 


The two boys made their way toward the refectory, where the rest of the clan was eating breakfast. Upon entering the large room, a girl caught Jaxon's eye and waved at them, her hair short and dark brown, almost reddish, though that could have been from the golden light of the lanterns lining the walls. 

“There you two are, what took you so long, usually you’re both the first ones to arrive for breakfast. Especially you, Chase Jetrunner. Did you sleep in?”

Jaxon and Chase exchanged a look. “Crazy dream.” They said in unison. The girl laughed. 

“Must have been. Come on, I saved you a seat.”

Jaxon watched Nita as she moved towards the table. She was graceful even when walking, and she held her self with confidence. Her hair was cut short, in the same style as all the other Jedi younglings in the room, but it still looked different , softer or something. Jackson couldn't quite put his finger on it. Nita let them to the counter where food was being served, where they picked up bowls of porridge and fruit.

Nita leaned across the table. “So, tell me about this dream,” she said, elbows on the table. 

“Well, it—“ Jaxon began, but then the Jedi Master, Gillian Modul, stood up and the room went silent. Jason couldn’t help but admire her skills in getting everyone still, when she spoke. 

"Welcome, younglings, to a new year of learning. Welcome to the next step in your training. From here, you will be tested on your knowledge of the Force, and your training will increase in intensity, until that time when you will all face the Initiate trials. May the Force be with you.” The three of them stood up from the table, stood in line to dispose of their breakfast dishes, and then left the refectory for their first Meditation session of the day.

Jaxon sat down on his round, padded stool in the meditation hall, crossed his legs beneath him, put his hands on his knees, and breathed deeply, as he’d been taught to do. Closing his eyes, he focused on an image in his mind, just a candle burning. When the younglings were little, they were actually given a candle or something to focus on, but now he was pretty good at focusing  without the visual stimulus. But as he sat there, trying to focus on that little light, different images of a planet with trees, and green grass kept popping into his head. Sitting in a classroom looking out at those trees and green grass, while learning about wars between nations he'd never heard of, and weapons that humans, especially Jedi, had not used in thousands of years. Pictures of two children, on the beach near an ocean despite the fact all the seas on Coruscant dried up long ago, save for a few artificial lakes, that Jedi Younglings never went to, because the temple is where they belong.

“Focus Jaxon…” He whispered to himself, trying to bring up the image of the candle again, but the other pictures kept crowding in, ending with the lightsaber fight from the dream, but it felt so real, like a memory. So which memories were real? The ones about the Jedi training Jaxon had done his entire young life, or the ones of a childhood, with parents and friends, in a galaxy where the Force only existed in movies.

“They are both real.” A voice said quietly. Jaxon opened his eyes with a start, but no one had moved or reacted to the voice. Closing his eyes again, he tried to bring up the candle image again, but instead, all he saw were stars. 

“You were brought to this world to learn the ways of the Force,” the voice continued, “and when you are ready, you will return to the world you came from. All of your memories are real, young one.”

“But, how do I get back?” Jaxon asked. 

“Listen to your teachers,” the voice said. “But be aware, there is darkness as well. If you are not careful, you will—“ 

“Jaxon, it’s time to go to class.” Nita’s voice cut through Jaxon’s trance, and  he looked up at his friends. 

“Okay, let’s go.” 

The End

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