Chapter One

15 year old Jack stood at his kitchen table, looking at the two yard sticks he and Jase had spent the morning wrapping in red, blue and silver duct tape. Running a hand through his dark hair, he frowned. 

“C’mon Jack, red or blue, it’s not that hard.” Jason said, reclining back in his chair at Jack’s kitchen table. The same age as Jack, his light brown hair was messy, as usual, and his normal grin was on his face, though he was feigning impatience. “Who do you want to be? Vader or Kenobi?” 

Jack leaned on the table, thinking it over. “Tough decision.” He muttered with a French accent. Jason laughed and grabbed the red one. 

“I’ll make the decision for you then.” He said, “C’mon Jack, this was your idea after all.” 

Jack grinned and took hold of the blue yardstick, following Jason out into the backyard. Jack’s backyard wasn’t elegant. Just a medium sized space bordered by a tall fence. Jack’s dad kept the grass green and soft, and free of rocks, and there weren’t any trees planted in it, so it made a pretty good arena for fighting. Jason strode right out into the center and began to swing his lightsaber with two hands. 

“You ready for this?” He asked, trying out a few official Jedi stances. 

“Of course I am, it was my idea.” Jack said, trying out a few moves himself in slow motion, to get the feel of his new weapon.

“Alright then, attack me when ready.” Jase challenged, settling into a fighting stance. 

Grinning, Jack made the first move, swinging his lightsaber toward Jason’s left leg. Jason blocked it easily and the two yardsticks hit with a loud “CLACK.”

“You always start with that one,” Jason said. “C’mon, mix it up a little.”

“I’m trying,” Jack muttered, his teeth gritted in concentration. 

“You don’t know the power of the Dark side,” Jason quoted, beginning the fight in earnest while trying to make his voice deep and scary like Darth Vader’s. Jack laughed and defended himself against Jason’s next blow; an overhead swing with his yardstick. “Join me and we can rule the galaxy together.” The two collided again, then stepped back. 

“Never!” Jack shouted, rushing forward. Jason hurried to meet him in the middle, and there was a loud “CRACK” as Jack felt his hardstick splinter and shatter under his hands. A strong force knocked him back and he fell backwards, toward the edge of the backyard. Eyes wide open, he saw Jason had also been knocked back, to the other side of the yard. 

Jack braced himself for the impact of hitting the ground, but it never happened. Opening his eyes again, all he could see was a huge expanse of stars all around him. 

“Where am I?” He asked, his voice sounding strange in the space. Looking down at himself, he couldn’t really make anything out except more stars. Everything was stars, but he could hear faint whispers coming from somewhere.

As Jack looked around, a voice suddenly became clear and loud enough to hear. 

“You possess an unusual connection to the Force, young one,” it said. “You have joined the ranks of those who have become one with it.”

“Wait a second,” Jack peered into the gloom, trying to see anything else at all. “I’ve become one with the Force?”

“Too early, and—“

“Jack, is that you?” A familiar voice interrupted. “I can’t see anything but stars.”

“Jason?” Jack thought he could see a group of stars that was moving around like Jase would. 

“Yeah, what happened?”

“We became one with the Force.” Jack explained, though it made no sense.

“Like Ben Kenobi?”


“But we didn’t die! I don’t like this, Jack, how do we make it stop?”

Before Jack could respond, the voices started up again. “You must learn to communicate with the Force if you have any chance of returning.”

“If they can return at all,” said another voice.

“The Force will find a way,” said the first. “Your vessels have been prepared, young students. Go now and learn.”

The stars began to slide by as Jack was hurtled through hyperspace. He slowed down just enough to see a planet grow larger, then dominate his entire field of vision. The planet’s surface was grey and craggy, and as he flew past in low orbit, he could see the dark side was lined with lights, like a city. It was a city, Jack could see as he flew toward the lights, and could make out individual skyscrapers. The entire planet was one big city. Zooming over traffic, he flew uncontrollably towards a building that stood higher than all the others around it. Shaped a bit like a pyramid with the top cut off, the building was crowned instead by five narrow towers. Jack recognized it instantly. The Jedi Temple, on a planet that was one huge city. Coruscant! He hurtled toward one of the upper floors in the northwest corner, flinching as he phased through an outer wall into a small, sparsely furnished, but comfortable bedroom. In a little alcove was a bed, and in the bed was a boy of about 9 years old, sleeping soundly. Outside the window, the city lights shone in the distance. It wasn’t anywhere close to dawn.

“Jaxon Selizar was chosen to be your vessel until you can be returned to your own world and body. You are similar in many ways.” One of the Force Voices said. “You will learn together. Be mindful of the Force, young one. Listen to your teachers. May the Force be with you.”

The End

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