Chapter 16 murderer

Chapter 16 murderer

I was disorientated enough to only take in the stale air that was almost heavy in my lungs, a damp and cold smell rang through my nostrils and the blood in my ears sounded as though it were singing. I became conscious of a strain in my back muscles and the feelings in the tips of my fingers started to tingle. I was gagged and blind folded; my knees were bent on hard, cold concrete. I tried to moan through my gag, but it was forced further back into my throat every time I opened my jaw. I didn’t know what to do. I remembered my motives before I ended up here and remembered someone hitting me from behind, outside my bedroom window. Someone had been waiting for me to leave. There were muffled gagging sounds coming from my left and as I began to edge towards it, the blind fold I had been wearing was pulled roughly off and whoever took it off, threw my head to the right, and my bruised cheek hit the cold ground that felt like ice against my bare skin. Through the blinding white light there was a figure, I knew who it was before her beautiful features came into view, and her long hair swung down and tickled my face.

"Hi there" her voice was so cheerful, as if she were truly enjoying herself. She pulled my gag from my mouth, and I took deeper gulps of the air, smelling the oil and sawdust from the ground as I looked up at her.

"Hi" I said, through my teeth, kicking my legs outwards to sit up. I was surprised she didn’t push me back down, but she watched and laughed as my numb limbs refused to move to my commands. Finally, she grabbed the skin on my arm and lifted me; I let out a painful yelp when her nails broke my skin.

"Aww...still so fragile" she whispered into my ear. I wasn’t really listening to her; I was taking in my surroundings. We were in a basement, or factory, piles of covered machinery lined the walls and there was the smell of sawdust and oil. It was dark, but the white light that swung from the ceiling shining onto myself and her. As I sat up I also heard the muffled gagging I had before and spun my head around to look for the source. Another figure was wriggling in the darkness; I couldn’t make out who it was, as there was something darker over their heads. But I didn’t need to see his face to know who it was. I bolted up right, glaring at Emily when I screamed.

"Let him go! Let him go!" I could feel myself shaking with hatred and anger as she laughed. She turned her back on me to drag him forward, his groans became louder and when he was clearing visible beneath the light she took the black cover off of his head.

From Ryan’s mouth, blood dripped and one of his eyes was swollen and purple. When he looked at me his eyes widened and he started to gag, I shook my head at him. And continued screaming at Emily, who bent down, her legs in between Ryan’s crouched body. Her hair brushed the ground as her fingers tickled his bruised cheek.

"Don’t touch him!" I shouted, my throat was throbbing from my loud screams which echoed around the large room. Emily looked away from Ryan, but her fingers continued to stroke him. I watched her, but my mind was thinking up ways to get out of here. The ground was bare, but my long nails were desperately and uselessly hacking at the ropes that bound me. I could feel weak fibres breaking but I knew it was no use.

"Let him go!" I shouted again, and Emily’s dark eyes swivelled back to me. There was a gleam of silver that caught my eye and I saw a knife as Emily pulled it from her leather, buckled boots. Ryan hadn’t seen it but my screams warned him before she raised it to his throat. "Stop! Stop!" I was screaming and edging painfully on my knees towards them.

My relief was immediate when Emily stood up, she kicked Ryan hard in the stomach and he buckled backwards.

"You won’t want to see what I do to your pretty girlfriend" she warned her voice lofty and deep. She turned back to me, flipping the knife on her fingers. I could hear Ryan gagging and groaning on the floor as her hand grasped my hair and she spun around, leaning me back against her chest, her voice in my ear, the knife at my throat.

"This was the knife my daddy used on my mommy" she said, as if she were reminiscing a much happier childhood memory. "But of course, you don’t remember that" the knife jutted into my throat, but I didn’t scream, I didn’t want Ryan to hear me. I bit my teeth together and watched his figure in the darkness as he writhed. "He stabbed her right in the you want to know why?" she lowered the knife into the crease of my top, next to my heart, which pounded one beat after the other. "Because my daddy was a drunk, just like your mommy warned mine...but she didn’t listen. No, no she didn’t"

I listened intently now, wondering where my mother was in my head. Why had she left this out?

"That’s why they fell out y’ silly mommy was in love with a drunk and your mommy knew that she could do better...but my mommy wouldn’t listen. See, my daddy loved me and your mommy was going to take him away from Me." the knife twisting into the skin on my chest but I didn’t even flinch, even when warm blood started to trickle down the front of my top. Her voice was raspy in my ear when she said "then you...and him" she jabbed the knife in the air at Ryan, relieving my skin of its sharp point, when she drew it back she cupped my face in her cold hand, the knife in her fingers. "Even though your mother was a scheming, lying whore, who was just jealous of my mother. You just had to be so perfect, the way everyone just adored you...and you and him would play together and I’d watch you and no-one would ever care about me and I know, I know that you knew I watched you but you never wanted me to."

As she spoke the memories were coming back. Playing in Silvanus woods and seeing the shy, Emily and being afraid of her. The hungry look in her eyes as she watched us and the way, she would run if Ryan or I approached her.

"I had to get your mommy...she was going to tell the police about daddy and I couldn’t have that, he was the only family I had. The only person who seemed to care, until he started to call me Caroline and would argue with me like I was her....and then my daddy had to go to" she spoke so calmly, as if explaining this story was boring her. "...and even after I got your parents your life didn’t faulter at all!" she screamed hysterically and stood up. I watched her deranged features contort into menacing anger. She scrunched her hair into her pale hands. "And then, you and him got together...and you had all your friends and this perfect life."

I didn’t know whether to feel guilty, or sympathetic or horrified but it soon developed into pure anger when she grabbed Ryan again, and his figure was visible again. He moaned and gagged again, his eyes panicked. "And then I realised..." Emily said, coming out of her little daydream "I went after the wrong came to me, when I saw how desperate and pathetic Ryan had become, when he thought that you had died" Emily grabbed Ryan’s hair on the top of his head and he groaned.

"Let go of him!" I shouted, interrupting her. She scraped the knife across his throat, thankfully no blood was drawn.

"He was a mess, really Natali. I only saw him the once, I was watching Silvanus woods for him and he appeared, he moaned and wailed like a child and called your name. He was so drunk..." she looked back at him, and cocked her head to the side "...he didn’t even see me, watching him."

"Let him go! If you’re angry at me then why bother with him?" my eyes stung in the white lights and my nose burnt with the smell of oil and sawdust. I had continued scratching my nails across the rope, thin, wiry strings of it coming loose.

"Angry, does not even begin to describe it" she snarled, her eyes blazed into mine for a moment before she turned back to Ryan. He watched us in horror. "No, but then I realised if I had got rid of I got rid of’d be in even more pain. You could have endured what he did, and possibly more. Instead of what I thought was your death."

So, now I had my answers. Emily’s terrifying choices to murder my parents, and attempt to do the same to me, were her cries for attention. Her cries for someone to care. I pitied her, as I looked into her angry face. Her frown deepened and her mouth opened a fraction.

"Don’t you dare pity me" she growled, lowering the knife to the side of Ryan’s neck, this time red blood spurted. He groaned louder, and his pain was stretched across his face.

"Let him go! I don’t pity you! You monster!"

"That’s what I wanted to hear" she growled, standing up and eyeing me excitedly.

Emily lunged forward and the back of her fist hit my face with a thwack, but the motioned helped me if anything, my wrists wriggled in the ropes behind my back, burning my bare skin. I twisted and turned until I was able to slip them through. I stood up and jumped forward knocking Emily off her feet. She hit the floor with a gasp and with her temporary distraction I bent and pulled at the knots behind Ryan’s back. He continued to wriggle and moan beneath his gag but I wasn’t paying attention, before I could loosen the rope enough I was kicked in the side of the face, the jolt of it, threw me off my feet, and then she was kicking me, a blow to my knees, to my chest. The pain was crippling, but I was able to move.

Throw your foot outwards.

My mother said, her voice was strained and panicked in my head. It was loud again, and I could feel the sound vibrating in my ears. I covered them and howled in pain. Through your foot outwards. She said again. I could see Emily as I moaned on the floor, although she hadn’t stopped kicking, she looked confused, and I took the advantage kicking her shin with the sole of my foot. She stumbled and fell back. I caught a glimpse of Ryan, who had loosened his ropes; he was creeping in the darkness, possibly finding a way out. I stood up as quickly as I could and faced Emily, her wicked dark eyes glared into mine and I could feel my mother fighting to control me, to kill her like she wanted me to. I only had a moment to debate it, Emily had attacked me again, throwing me onto the floor and pulling my hair. I felt myself screaming and shouting but it was quiet in my head, and then my mother turned my eyes to a wrench that lay centimetres from me. Do it. She ordered, and my fingers loosened from Emily’s shoulders to reach for it. I couldn’t control it, my fingers outstretched and gripped the wrench, and within in seconds it had collided with the back of Emily’s head. I felt warm blood flow down my wrist and Emily slumped to one side, falling to the concrete ground.

At that same moment, the lights above us flickered on. More machinery emerged from the darkness around us, and the doors to the factory were slid apart. The noise was deafening, and I stood up to find Ryan. Hoping that he was alright. as soon as he came around the corner, his eyes slid to Emily who lay motionless on the ground, I wanted to go to him, but his expression was so cold that I couldn’t move.

"I thought you were the same person...but you’re not." he looked at me, and his words didn’t match my memories of him at all. He looked mean, evil even, and his eyes dark in the bright light. "You’re a murderer."

The words hung in the air, I could feel my heart thumping in my chest and I dropped the wrench, it clattered to the floor next to Emily’s body. "You took a life, something, the Natali I knew would never have done." He said and took a step towards me, but I took one back.

My heart was beating so loudly that I could hear it coming out of my mouth that hung open in shock. I couldn’t believe he thought of me as a murderer. In that moment, Emily moaned in pain, and her leg twitched. Ryan looked down horrified at her, but I didn’t know whether he had turned to see me, because I was running out of the factory before he could. I was disgusted with him, and myself. For being so stupid and for trying to be brave. When I reached the early morning air, I swallowed my sobs and stared out into the desert, where Otto’s construction van was parked.

Bear and I had been right outside where Emily had kept Ryan all this time. We stood metres from him and yet didn’t bother trying to open the door. Just because it looked bolted, we didn’t try. Ryan could have been safer hours ago, and I would not have had to hit Emily so hard to knock her unconscious. I knew my mother wouldn’t have allowed me to become a killer, so I took control.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called the ambulance for Emily, talking over Ryan’s shouts towards me.

"Nat, Nat! Wait!" he was saying I could hear his heavy footsteps on the ground and then heat on my shoulder as he put his hand on me. I flinched away from him. "Nat, I'm sorry I made a mistake"

But I ignored him, I couldn’t look into his face after the way he spoke to me, after the way his eyes had hardened to molten rock at the thought that I had killed someone. When the sound of police cars and ambulances were in the distance, I stepped further away from Ryan, who continued apologising.

Exhaustion had overridden all my enthusiasm to explain what had happened and I told the kind policeman that I wanted to go home. To keep Ryan away from me for as long as possible, I hinted that he took a nasty blow to the head and paramedics hounded him, like bees at a hive.

Detective Andrews questioned me briefly on the way to Nanny’s. My answers were all one worded as I watched the morning sun rise into the grey sky. It would be the only sun I’d see today, I longed to sleep. "So you assumed Emily would take Ryan where exactly?" Andrews said, driving one handed and writing notes over on his passenger seat. His brown eyes watched me through the rear view mirror.


"And why did you think that?"

"That is where she attacked me" I shrugged.

"But you were taken by her as you were leaving your house?"


When Andrews pulled up, he gently lead me towards Nanny who waited on the porch steps.

She held me in her arms and shoo-ed Detective Andrews away as he said "I’ll need you to come down to the station tomorrow. But for now, get some rest."

The End

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