It Begins

"Danger," I replied, “What kind of danger am I in?"

"Wait you're Jason? Look I can’t explain right now, we aren't safe here," I could barely hear him. I had a sudden headache and then everything started spinning and finally it all went black....

Everyone was looking at me. I was lying on the floor of the bus. The bus driver was kneeling next shaking my shoulder, "Jason, are you ok? Can you hear me?"

"Yeah I’m ok, what happ..." I was interrupted by a sudden jolt that sent that bus flying straight up into the air. I grabbed the bottom of the seat and held on. Everything flipped and we began falling. There was a metallic crunch as we landed on the roof and anyone who hadn't been holding on tumbled to the ground forming a pile of injured people before my eyes. I held on as long as I could, but eventually I crashed down on top of them....

"EVERYONE GET DOWN!" I shouted the second I came around. I didn't mean to say it, but the words exploded out of my chest and before I realized it we were rocketed into the air, landing upside-down. I knew what I'd see, but I looked down from my hanging vantage point anyways searching for my friends. I found David lying on top of two of our classmates, struggling to get off of them. I kept searching but couldn't find Susan or Maria. Grabbing the bottom of one seat I swung myself to the nearest open spot on the ground and walked over to David, helping him up.

I heard someone talking above me, "How do we get down?"

Susan and Maria were holding on the same way I had been hanging, " I'll catch you just drop," I answered, "Dave you get Maria," I turned back to Susan who had let go without warning and landed on top of me and knocking me over and we landed on the unfortunate bus driver who had started standing up. I coughed "Hey."

She helped me up laughing, "You didn't catch me, but u sure make for a soft landing pad.”

I coughed again and laughed, "You're welcome."

There was a thud as David caught Maria. He walked over and set her down next to us then changing the subject, "Guys, what just happened?"

I saw his reflection in a piece of broken glass and spun around. The new kid stood behind me and it almost seemed as if he hadn't been in the bus when it flipped, "I can tell you," he said, "but we have to leave now."

"What about these people, we have to help them," Maria said.

 "We don’t have time to help these people, they're coming back," he shouted. I could hear the urgency in his voice.

'Who's coming back? No one has left the bus," she replied while helping the people who could stand to their feet.

"I'm talking about the people who did that," He pointed to the smoking hole where the school used to be, "they've been following me and now they'll be following you."

The End

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