The New Kid


The room was dark. I could barely see past the glow of the lamp on the table, and what I could see, I didn't like.

Two men stood in front of the table staring at a large piece of paper. I looked down at it to see what was on it. It was a map of the city with several circles on it. Each one was a bank; I looked back up at the men. The one on the right was tall and had long dark hair that probably would have been a sandy color in brighter lighting. His eyes were a bright shade of green that reminded me of David's, but this man was too muscular and tall to be Dave and he had a long scar on the side of his neck.

The man next to him spoke, breaking the silence," Marcus, they've caught onto us we have to leave, now!"

"Marcus?" I thought, "It can’t be him," I watched him roll up the map and put it in a plastic tube.

"Why am I always getting interrupted while I'm planning?" he questioned the man angrily, but clearly not expecting an answer. He reached out to turn the light off and I stared at his arm in amazement. He had the same cut as the man from the beach, the man I knocked over. Before I could think about it more there was a sharp click and everything went dark.....

Suddenly I was on the school bus; it had to be after school because we were heading home. We stopped for a second at an intersection and the bus shook violently, the doors opened, and someone entered the bus...

The alarm screamed in my ear and I sat up quickly to turn it off. I turned to David, who still managed to sleep after his alarm had gone off, and I shook him until he woke up.

"D, get up we've got to get to the bus stop," I said loudly.

He groaned and got up, "Why does school have to be so early when we only go for twenty minutes a day?"

"I don't know dude just get up," I replied.

He sighed and walked into his closet for some clothes and came out fully dressed. I did the same and several minutes later we were on a bus headed for school. I sat in front of the computer and tried to absorb as much of the information as I could, but my dreams from last night had me distracted.

"Did I really dream of the Marcus? Why would I?" I wondered.

Marcus was the biggest criminal in the city. Everyone knew about him, but no one could find him. He was number one on several "most wanted" lists and would do anything for money. He’d kidnapped, killed, and stolen his way to the top, and now I was dreaming about him? How could it get any weirder?

My thoughts bugged me for the few remaining minutes of class. the bell rang and I got up to leave when I heard someone speak behind me," Jason?" it asked and I spun around to see Maria there behind me wearing clothes that looked as if they could be a school uniform, if uniforms were required at our school.

"Hey Maria, so you go to this school too?" I asked then thought of how stupid of a question that was.

"Yeah, Susan does too, “she replied, “I guess we never rally mentioned it last night."

"I guess not. Okay well I have to get to my bus I don't want to walk home," I said and started walking away, then I stop and asked, “Do you and Susan want to come over and hang out again? Dave and I aren't going to be doing anything else today."

She smiled, “Sure I'll let Susan know and well meet u on the bus."

I told her the bus number and she ran off to find her friend. A few minutes later David and Maria were talking about their favorite foods and Susan and I were talking about animals that would make cool pets. The bus stopped at an intersection and I had a thought that it was the same one from my dream but I wasn't sure and I ignored it.

Without warning the bus jumped forward three feet almost landing in the cross traffic. There was a hiss as the door slid open, but only I noticed the kid who walked up the steps and sat behind me and Susan, acting as if he'd been there the whole time.

I glanced around. Everyone was looking out the back windows towards the school and I looked back, but I couldn't see the school all I could see was smoke and dust and it took me several minutes to realize that it was the school I was looking at. It had exploded and was the reason the school bus had decided to take flight. Though the site was amazing the appearance of the kid behind me still had me confused and for a moment I thought I heard him whisper to himself, “Their aim is getting better; that was close."

I leaned over to David who was still staring at the school, and whispered, "D, who is this kid," I pointed behind me.

"I don't know. New kid?" he suggested.

"I'm not sure; he just got on the bus. Like right after the school exploded." I replied.

Before David could answer my previous question was answered. How could things get weirder? The kid began talking to me," Hey, do you know someone by the name of Jason chase?"

I was speechless for a moment then snapped out of my confusion," Yeah, why?"

"I need to find him, he's in danger." his voice was serious.

The End

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