Time to Explain

The water only feet from where we were standing exploded, raining sea water down on the beach and several tourists. That was when everyone began running and screaming. 

The two girls now realizing what I was doing and why began to follow me... willingly this time. We headed straight for Dave but the scrambling crowd swarmed around us and I had to drag the girls through the crowd to prevent us from being separated. The crowd was thickening the farther we went and it was harder to get between people, but after several minutes we reached the road and broke out of the crowd.

Without thinking I kept running and plowed into Dave who had suddenly appeared. The force sent him flying into another man and he threw what he was holing into the air. I watched it arc through the air and it caught a ray of sunlight that made I appear to have an oddly familiar shape, but I was too exhausted to think about it. 

I walked over to Dave and pulled him up, "D, you okay? I didn't see you there," I asked then turned to help the man but he was already gone. I caught a glimpse of his face and then I saw his arm as he reached for the object. It had a jagged cut that looked fresh but it was stitched shut and looked as if the person who stitched it had done a poor job. I began to approach him to apologize but he turned and vanished. 

Dave waved his hand in front of me," J, you in there? I said I'm fine. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good, sorry I thought I saw something," I replied.

"Okay so do you wanna tell me what’s going on?" he asked. 

"I'll tell you at the house ok?" I turned to the girls who were still standing beside me, “Do you wanna come with us?"

It took them a few minutes to reply," Yeah I guess we could, we're not going back over there," one of them said, pointing to the beach.

It was the first time I really got to look at the monster and I realized that it want merely a sea serpent it had a body hidden by the water and I could barely see the where it connected with the extremely long neck. I could only imagine how large its body had to be to balance it when it was standing. Besides it size however it was a blue-gray color and the water made it shine as if each scale had been polished. I looked farther up to the top of its neck. It had fierce red eyes that seemed to glow and ling whiskers hanging around it mouth that reminded me of a dog's snout. 

I was so amazed by the monster I barely noticed when David started dragging me away. Eventually I turned and walked away with him and the girls and several minutes later we were back a David's house and in his room.

We sat there for a few minutes in silence in his medium sized room. David and I were sitting on the air mattress, which was meant to be my bed, letting the girls have the bed. I was about to speak, but both our moms walked in at the same time with a thousand questions that weren't about to be asked or answered in any way. We managed to force them out after the basic questions had been answered, like who the girls were, what we were going to do, if they were our girlfriends, (which was rather embarrassing because they were in the room with us) and when they had to be home.

The taller red haired girl's name was Susan and the shorter blond girl's name was Maria, we were simply hanging out, and no they weren't our girlfriends, and they had to be home by ten. These answers seemed to please them enough to get them to leave but they left the door open a crack and went back downstairs. I turned David's TV. on and cranked the volume up so they couldn't hear us and began to talk," Would you guys believe me if I said I said I knew that was going to happen?"

"Well yeah they're moms the question everything," Susan replied.

"No I mean at the beach with that thing in the water," I said.

"Oh that..." I thought she was going to say more but she stayed silent and I looked around. It was clear to me that they were all confused, but I couldn't tell if it was because of what happened at the beach or if it was what I was saying.

“I had a dream earlier today," I explained," we were at the beach and that happened all of it the running the screaming but unlike today, in my dream Dave died trying to save you two. I know this sounds crazy and I don't know if I’m going insane, but do you believe me?"

"J, I don't think you’re crazy... I just think you've been watching too much TV," David said. That was all we said about it. We all sat there watching TV. and talking until the girls left.

Then I fell asleep....

The End

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