The Jason Chase Series

As soon as they return home Jason Chase (a kid with an extraordinary ability) and his friends are thrown into the world of myths and find themselves surrounded by things they've only heard of in stories and soon become fiends with Flash, a half human half phoenix, who accompanies the on their journey and in their encounters with dangerous creatures only heard of in legends, and as if that weren't enough they are also being chased by a murderous gang leader, named Marcus, for reasons unknown.



I dream of the future

            August 24th, 2276. School had just started but it was still summer. We were all recovering from hurricane Jason (I thought it was a curse that we shared a name, however my full name was Jason Chase). It was the worst hurricane in 73 years and it killed 137 people. Luckily my family, my friends, and I were some of the first to leave. When we returned we discovered that our house had been destroyed. We searched through the ruble for anything that was still intact. All we found were some clothes.

            After we finished searching the remains of our house my friend David’s parents offered to let us stay with them for a while. After we finished unpacking, David and I walked down to the beach.

            As we sat there two girls walked past us, spread out their beach towels, and sat down near the water’s edge. I sat there trying to work up the nerve to go talk to one of them when I noticed the water in front of them.

            “Dave, what’s that in front of those girls over there?” I asked, thinking he’d seen it too, since he was looking at them too.

            “I don’t know, it looks kind of like those thing on the backs of fish, but I’ve never seen one that long. It’s at least 40 feet long,” he replied, but that was all he got to say.

            In an instant, what was once a slight ripple on the surface of the water was now a 50 foot tall sea serpent and everyone was running, everyone except the two girls.

            ‘We have to help them,” I shouted over the terrified screams of the crowd.

            He just nodded and followed me through the ever changing maze of running people.  We broke through the edge of the crowd and ran as fast as we could.  I grabbed the one on the right; Dave tried to get the one on the left, but she had already started to move out of the way and he ran straight into the water.

            Halfway to the road I stopped and looked back. I didn’t expect to see David dodging strike after strike from the massive creature. I turned around and went back for him. I took 10 steps before it struck again, but this time he didn’t move fast enough.

            “NO,” I shouted as I watched the monster eat my friend whole. It took the two girls and a lifeguard to keep me from running straight at the monster.

             By the time they let go of me I was on the ground crying. When I finally managed to pull myself off the ground I felt something hitting me in the arm and then my eyes opened…


            “Dude, you aright?” were the first words I heard when I woke up, “You slept through school, but it’s cool, your parents called the school and told them you were sick. What were you dreaming of, J? I got back home and you were mumbling and then you just shouted. I’ve been punching you for the last ten minutes.”

            I looked up and saw the back of his fuzzy brown head and breathed a sigh of relief, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

            “Good, get up we’re going to the beach,” as he said it he got this stupid excited grin on his face. I wouldn’t have seen it if it weren’t for the mirror reflecting his freckled, green eyed, face. I groaned and rolled off the bed, stood up and put on some clean clothes.

            As we walked past our parents I grabbed some food and ran past before they could ask any questions. I put my shoes on and stepped through the crooked door.

            While we climbed over bricks and boards I tripped on a cinderblock and stumbled into a large man heading the opposite direction, he fell past a broken board and received a large cut on his arm. Before I could apologize he ran off holding his bleeding arm. We climbed over the last building and we were there.

            We sat down for just a few minutes. After a while two girls walked past us and sat down near the water at first I thought it was just a coincidence, and then I saw the water in front of them.

            “Dave run, don’t ask just run, I’ll explain later, now go,” I shouted while pushing him away. Then I jumped up and ran towards the girls sliding to a stop behind them in the hot sand, “listen we have to go, we don’t have much time,” I shouted. As I grabbed their hands and pulled them up it happened.


The End

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